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The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Gamescom Announcement


Joystiq: Coveting my neighbor’s house in The Sims 4

  I played several hours of The Sims 4 and barely uncovered what it has to offer. There's been a lot chatter about what's missing...

EA’s Gamescom 2011 Trailer

  EA's Gamescom 2011 Trailer featuring this year's showcased games. A bit dull and tiny! :P  

The Sims Live Broadcast @ Gamescom (8/22/13)

Part One - Part Two [youtube] [youtube]  

GamesCom 2011 – EA’s Presentation Schedule

  For those of you interested in finding out more about all the games EA is showing off at Gamescom, here is a list of...

Crinrict visits the future – Into the future preview

At SimsCamp and the German community event at Gamescom we had ample time to test the upcoming expansion pack Into the Future. We did...

IGN Live at Gamescom: The Sims 4 Get Together Segment

  IGN will be live streaming a Sims 4 Get Together segment on Saturday August 8th at 8am Pacific. There are no details as to what the...

The Sims 3 @ Gamescom 2012

  The Sims team is at Gamescom, sharing photos and updates throughout the day! Check out the the Gamescom Album regularly for more screens!    

The Sims 4: Eleven Minute Gameplay Video w/SimCookie

  Video Link [youtube]  

EA’s 2013 Gamescom Press Conference

  Video Link [youtube]