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Generations Patch has added “Edit in CAS” Cheat

  Well, this is one of the reasons I use mods, but it seems that EA has added the "Edit in CAS" cheat to the...

Generations Dating – Eating at separate tables not fixed?

  Although this is a premature conclusion (most likely not), @GeorgfPlay on Twitter has downloaded the new EA Patch found over at SimPrograms.  In this...

EADM Update 8.0.3 – 4/29/11

  There is a new EA Download Manager Update available.  Does not add anything game specific, but it does add some new social options within...

New EADM Update!

The newest EADM update has corrected many issues! Among some very annoying issues, it has corrected: ♦ The play button on the game launcher. (Now...
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