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Four New Lunar Lakes Screenshots!

  Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!) -- Thanks 50/50 Sims!      Continue...  

Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Now Available! (On Sale til 2/27/12)

  The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes is now available for purchase in the Sims 3 Store (2200 Simpoints - Sale)! For those of you who...

Lunar Lakes – 2 New Screenshots (via EA Russia)

  Russian Guru's posted two brand new photos of Lunar Lakes today! Check em out!     Source: 50/50 Sims & Simprograms  

Sims Network – Extensive Lunar Lakes Review

    Intro So I recently got my hands on Lunar Lakes, the new world created by The Sims Studio. It's amazing, but you'll see that in...

Lunar Lakes – Interview with the World Building Team

  Sims 3 Community Blog   Donna Bennett is a modeler on The Sims 3. She was responsible for crafting the focal point of Lunar Lakes, the...

Sims 3 Lunar Lakes On Sale Until 6/20/12

  With the announcement of Lucky Palms just underway, it seems that the Sims 3 Store team has discounted Lunar Lakes for a limited time....