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Amazon – Pre Order Sims 3 Master Suite had listed Sims 3 Master Suite after it's announcement, but they now have it available to pre order! It's not just a placeholder...

The Sims 3 Stuff Packs – How would you play?

  The Sims 3 team has uploaded a new video on stuff packs, where they also show us a (super quick) sneak peak of Master...

Sims 3 Master Suite Concept Art + Screens!

  The Sims 3 Poland has shared some awesome side by side concept art & in game screens of Master Suite! Check out that window!!...

Sims 3 Master Suite Loading Screen! *Sneak Peek*

  SimGuruJenn has shared a photo of Master Suite's Loading Screen! She has also confirmed the final loading screen will not be animated.    

Brazilian Simmers! Win The Sims 3 Master Suite!

  É isso mesmo, Simmers! Fica aqui o anúncio do primeiro concurso cultural do Os Games EA, valendo a mais nova coleção de objetos do The Sims...

Pre-Order Sims 3 Master Suite from EA (Origin)

  EA now has Sims 3 Master Suite up for Pre-Order!    

Sims 3 Master Suite Approved by MDA (Singapore’s ESRB)

  EA's listing on the EULA pretty much confirmed this SP, however Singapore's Media Development Authority (their version of ESRB), has approved the game. I guess this...

Pre-Order Sims 3 Master Suite @ GameStop

  For those of you who order via GameStop, Master Suite has now made it's way to GameStop's Pre-Orders! Thanks to SimPrograms for the info! :)    

Master Suite – SimFans Interview with Jennifer Lane!

Daniel, Hello Jennifer, thank you for taking the time you SimFans issues of The Sims 3 Dream Suite Accessories answer. Jennifer Lane, EA: Hey Daniel, but...

2 Hairstyle Photos from Sims 3 Master Suite

  Two photos have been posted on the Sims 3 Russian Facebook Page , of 2 women's hairstyles for Master Suite! :)   Click images for a larger...
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