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Sims 3 Master Suite Fact Sheet + Official Screens

  Since this Stuff Pack doesn't really have anything but clothing and a few furniture pieces, I have summed them up into one article.   Summary Home is...

Amazon UK – Pre-Order Sims 3 Master Suite

  Amazon UK has now listed Master Suite for Pre-Order. Thanks to 5050 Sims for the info!    

Pre-Order Sims 3 Master Suite from EA (Origin)

  EA now has Sims 3 Master Suite up for Pre-Order!    

2 Hairstyle Photos from Sims 3 Master Suite

  Two photos have been posted on the Sims 3 Russian Facebook Page , of 2 women's hairstyles for Master Suite! :)   Click images for a larger...

Sims 3 Master Suite – Dedicated Page on

  I was waiting to see if they were going to put up forums and the Pre-Order sections, but EA in the USA didn't even...

Sims 3 Master Suite – Included Item Photos!

  Click the images for a larger view!  

Pre-Order Sims 3 Master Suite @ Play & ShopTo

  For those of you in the UK, & already have their Pre-Order listings available for Master Suite!    

Official Press Release – Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff

  Luxurious master bedroom and bath décor—plus romantic intimate wear! Home is where the heart is! Whether your Sims relax in a bubble bath in their...

EA Press – The Sims 3 Master Suite Photos!

  What an awesome email to find sitting in my inbox this morning!  EA Press has released the first photos of Master Suite Stuff!  The...

Sims 3 Master Suite Approved by MDA (Singapore’s ESRB)

  EA's listing on the EULA pretty much confirmed this SP, however Singapore's Media Development Authority (their version of ESRB), has approved the game. I guess this...
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