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Sims 3 Pets – Sneak Peak at our Game Guide!

  Heya everyone!  Well I've been working overtime to get so much of the game guide done and I decided to let you all have...

Edenstyle Part 5 – All About Dogs!

  Edesntyle has released Part 5 of their reportage.  This time about the cute little doggies. :P  Click below to be directed!    

Sims 3 Pets Contest (Brazil)

  Olá meus amigos! Você quer ganhar uma cópia do The Sims 3 Pets?  Sim?  Ok, preste atenção! :mrgreen: WB Games Brazil is giving Fans a chance to win a copy of...

New Sims 3 Community Poll!

  A brand new poll is up on The Sims 3 Website!  Go ahead and take your pick! ;)    

EA Photos: Sims 3 Fans Playing Pets @Gamescom!

  Sims 3 Pets is being played by many fans on all platforms!  Check out the newest photos just uploaded by EA!  Man I wish...

SimFans Day 2 – New Pets Photo

  SimFans has posted another photo on their facebook page!    

Give me your Unique, Crazy, one of a kind Pets!

  Heya everyone! Well I started on the pet customization explanation section in the game guide, and I though of a brilliant idea!  The Pet customization...

SimFans Day 4 Photo

  SimFans has shared a 4th photo via Facebook!    

SimFans & Create a Pet

  SimFans has video of Create a Pet & a horse! Six minutes of some awesome footage!  Check it out!  

Mondo Sims Previews Pets!

  Ready for some more Pets Previews? Good!  Mondo Sims has another preview for ya!   Friday, September 9, 2011 in Milan was held a meeting with...
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