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SimFans – Deer, Terrariums & Magic Gnomes!

  SimFans just keeps pouring in the good stuff! Take a look at some more exclusive screens!    

Sims 3 Brazil – Sims 3 Pets Event Photos

  The Sims 3 Brazil team hosted an awesome event at Saravia Bookstore, where fans from around gathered to take part in all the awesome...

EveryEye Italy – Sims 3 Pets Preview (PC)

  EveryEye Italy has published a new preview of The Sims 3 Pets for PC, from the New York Event! Some small bits of new...

LuniverseSims & 5 New Pets Videos!

  LiniverseSims has posted 5 new videos on their YouTube channel!  Check out a Horse & Dog giving birth, Pets having some woohoo fun, the...

Retailers Selling Sims 3 Pets (PC) Limited Edition w/Pre-Order

  With many retailers not stocking the Limited Edition in other countries, I thought it would be a great idea to make a list for...

The Sims 3 Pets – Official Box Art (Russian)

  The Sims Russia has released the official Sims 3 Box Art for Pets! Pretty sure the English version will be coming out soon as...

Game Guys Preview The Sims 3 Pets!

  Game Guys have an interview up with Ryan Vaughan!  Confirmed in this video, is that Pets will use their skills to make money, but...

Daily Sims – Two new Pets Gameplay Videos

  Daily Sims has posted up two new YouTube videos from the Sims 3 Pets!  Check em out!   [youtube] [youtube]   Source:  SimPrograms  

Sims 3 Pets Gameplay Video

  Wanna see what Sims 3 Pets looks like in action?  Wanna take a tour of the world? Well you're in luck because iSims found a Gamescom...

Urbania Sims & 10 Pets Game Play Videos!

  Urbania Sims has uploaded so many new Pets videos! Check em out!  
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