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My Sims World & 211 Photos of Pet Breeds!

  My Sims World went ahead and took 211 screen shots of all the breeds provided to us by Luniverse Sims' videos!  Here are a few,...

The Sims Hub – Sims 3 Pets Q&A with Producers

  There were many interviews yesterday with Pets producers and with translation errors playing a big roll, I am only going to be posting the...

SimFans & Updated Pet Traits, Descriptions & Icons!

  SimFans has an awesome traits list complete with descriptions & icons from Pets!  I have not included all of them in the post on...

Sims 3 Pets – 3 New Renders

  iSims has posted 8 Sims 3 Pets renders, 3 of which are new to us. :)    Click Images for a larger view!       

The Sims 3 Pets – Producer Trailer

  EA UK has posted up a brand new video of Pets!  Watch below or click here to be directed!   Watch our all-new video featuring some...


  Raaawwwrrrr!!  I see a doggy and it want to eat my face!! :P  You can find this and many more photos over at Centrum...

EA Photos: Sims 3 Fans Playing Pets @Gamescom!

  Sims 3 Pets is being played by many fans on all platforms!  Check out the newest photos just uploaded by EA!  Man I wish...

Sims 3 Pets Registration Rewards

  Once you get The Sims 3 Pets and Register it on the site, you can go ahead and download your Free Atomic Age Bonus! Also,...

Daily Sims – Loads of New CAP Screens!

  Daily Sims has posted an amazing amount of Create a Pet Screens!  Click the image to be directed! Thanks to Infinite Sims for the tip!    

GamesCom 2011 – EA’s Presentation Schedule

  For those of you interested in finding out more about all the games EA is showing off at Gamescom, here is a list of...