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Sims Planet 2 – More Photos of Pets!

  The administrator of Sims Planet 2 has already received their game.  They are an intern for EA, so I'm sure that's just one of...

No (or fewer) Memories Mod Updated for Sims 3 Pets!

  Man these modders are just on top if everything!  Thanks for all the hard work to keep our games clean and fun guys!  For...

lReMi07l – Tons of new Sims 3 Pets photos!

  Machinima Artist lReMi07l had the chance to attend fan events in Europe!  Check out a whole bunch of new Pets photos from the event on...

Sims 3 Pets: Appaloosa Plains Concept Art

  Via SimGuruSarah  

Give me your Unique, Crazy, one of a kind Pets!

  Heya everyone! Well I started on the pet customization explanation section in the game guide, and I though of a brilliant idea!  The Pet customization...

Sims 3 Pets – Pictures of the new Town Appaloosa Plains! (Update!)

  The lovely folks over at SimFans are sharing photos of Appaloosa Plains! Check em out! :D Note that I will continue to update this post...

Mondo Sims Previews Pets!

  Ready for some more Pets Previews? Good!  Mondo Sims has another preview for ya!   Friday, September 9, 2011 in Milan was held a meeting with...
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