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Sims 3 Pets Game Guide Now Available!

  For those of you who need some guidance for the game, look no further!  I have completed an entire game guide for everyone to...

Horse Poo Anyone?

  ...well sorda! :P  Platinum Simmers has just posted a Q&A with Sims 3 Pets Producers and guess what?  Horse Poo will be a new...

Redeem Your Origin Sims 3 Pets Costumes!

  Origin sent out codes to many people tonight to redeem the Free Origin Pre-Order Costumes. I personally have yet to receive mine, but I...

Kitty Boots Strollin in Sunset Valley

  Not much to say in this post, but this was a special request for CatLoverPlayer/Jeff C. :)   [youtube]  

SimFans Photo Day 6!

  SimFans has posted a 6th Photo via Facebook!  Being as this photo is small, I cannot really make out what animal is in the...

GamerLiveTV – Sims 3 Pets PC Interview w/Ryan Vaughan!

  My favorite type of interview..PC! GamerLiveTV also has interviewed Ryan Vaughan for The Sims 3 Pets PC! Loads of new info! Foals for horses...

Lazy Game Reviews The Sims 3 Pets!

  The review we all wait for is here! :mrgreen:   02eN2a85Q9U

SimsMiniTroll – Sims 3 Pets Loading Screen, Icons & Preview

  Along with a Preview of Pets, SimsMiniTroll also has the loading Screen and Icons for Pets!  I'm going to guess that the Loading Screen...

New Sims 3 Pets Render

  The Create a Pet site page has a new render of Pets.  Thanks to Joe T for the tip!  

Sims 3 Pets – Sneakish Peakish of the New Town!

  SimGuruRyan is sharing some photos over on Twitter of the Gurus playing Pets! One of the photos shows off the new town!  Check it...
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