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Sims Island Paradise: New Death Revealed

  SimGuruTrev has confirmed that a new death will be accompanying Island Paradise! When Sims are Scuba Diving, they better make sure they have enough...

Island Paradise: New Feature Bits & Screenshots!

  New adventures await your Sims on the sunny shores and beneath the glistening water of an island paradise! From exploring the tropical isles to...

Sims 3 Live Broadcast Replay

  Video Link  

Island Paradise: First Screenshots & Info!

    Let your Sims escape to their own island paradise, complete with sparkling waters and sun-drenched beaches in The Sims™ 3 Island Paradise. They can explore...

Mermaids Confirmed For Island Paradise!

  During an interview with EA, Sims 3 Cri was able to confirm that Mermaids will be the new lifestate/creature for Island Paradise! Mermaid lovers...

Sims 3 Island Paradise: Release Date & New Screen!

  IGN has released an exclusive first look at Island Paradise which includes a new screenshot and info bits! They have also confirmed that as...

Island Paradise: Demo Reel Animations

  Brazilian fansite Sims Domination, - thanks Sims Style! - discovered Sims 3 animator Mari Setbacken's website. On her website she has listed a PDF with animations...
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