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Remove Overlay/Stencils from Game Content (Testing)

  Ever wanted to remove a permanent stencil or shine from CAS/Buy Mode items? Well leave it to the community to help make your dreams come true! Velocitygrass...

Nraas/ISZ Closing – Twallan Moving Mods & Support Site

  The ISZ has decided to cease hosting Nraas Industries according to Twallan, and he will now be supporting and hosting his mods on a...

Mod The Sims – No (or fewer) Automatic Memories Mod

  For those of you who are not aware yet (most are), the automatic memories system created by EA was not the best idea, especially...

Create-A-Pet Demo – Jailbreak Mod!

  :mrgreen:  This thread says it all! :P   This is a Create-A-Pet Demo compatible mod. Do not install this mod on your regular game. Create-A-Pet Demo is...

Ultimate Careers Mod Now Available

Hey guys! Remember the Q&A session I had with Zerbu regarding his Ultimate Careers Mod? Well, he has now released it for download! That's...

Hybrid Mod by Twallan

  Click Below! - Thanks Tweety!  

Time/Weather Change Mod By cmomoney

  Just when I thought the moding community couldn't top my amazement, they create this incredible mod. Not much to say since this is self explanatory,...

Twallan Mods Updated for Patch 1.34

  Twallan has updated the State of the Mod, and all mods are now compatible with the latest 1.34 patch. Yeay for Twallan! :D    

NRaas Traveler: Weather Enabled in Vacation Worlds

  Weather in China? Check. Weather in France? Check. Weather in Egypt? Check!! Twallan has updated the Traveler Mod to allow for weather in vacation...

Zombie Control by Cameranutz II

  Download Link - Thanks Azeela!  
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