Sims 3 Store: NRaas Cupcake Mod (Bakery)

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The folks over at NRaas Mods are currently testing a brand new mod: The Cupcake Mod! This mod has the functionality to automatically restock your bakery at 5am every day. Sweet!


This is a new mod built on the NRaas framework.
Behold the NRaasCupcake. No I didn’t keep a straight face when naming this one. I just thought it sounded like a codename the military would use and had to have it. No it doesn’t make you cupcakes. It makes you a lot of confectionery treats. This mod will restock all your bakery display cases to the brim every morning at 5AM. Only useful if you don’t want your active Sim to run the bakery. Note this mod means business (heh) and doesn’t care where the display cases are. It’s on a mission to restock them. Put one on your neighbors roof and it’ll be full at 5AM.
But wait, there’s more. If you call within the next 10 minutes it will restock with all bakery recipes. This means even ones that require additional store sets and EP’s. It doesn’t let you make them but you can buy them. It will also cram birthday and wedding cakes on those shelf’s even though EA doesn’t normally let you.
Additional things to come as time permits.
Someone free up the Sunset Valley dentist schedule.

Click here to download!