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REPLAY: The Sims Team Live from Sims Camp (October 17th, 2018)

Check out the replay of the stream below.  

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Sims Camp Create-a-Pet Screenshots (LIST)

UPDATE: Iron Seagull has confirmed that each attendee will only be allowed to share ONE image. Assuming there were 40-ish attendees, and they all...

Sims Camp (Day #1): Travel Babbles!

  Hi everyone! :D This is the first of many blog posts from my trip to Sims Camp in Germany. I even made a special...

Sims Camp (Day #4): The Sims 4 Build & Animations

  Hi everyone! :D This is the fourth - and final - blog post from my trip to Sims Camp in Germany. I even made...

The Sims @ Gamescom: Attendee Preview List

  To make your lives easier, I have put together a huge list of Sims Camp/Gamescom articles from simmers around the world! This list will...

SimsCamp: Special Memories for ‘The Sims’ Fans

Gamescom is the largest videogame show in the world. More than 340,000 people show up to see the latest and greatest gaming has to...
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