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October Poll Results + New Poll!

  With Pets release and the contest giveaway, I wasn't able to get this up sooner!  Well the last poll asked what interactive object would you...

Sims 3 Poll (World Vote!) – 10/11/11

  The Sims 3 has posted up a new type of poll!  This time it's all about the next type of World you would like...

Poll Results & New Poll!

  Now that all the Pets Previews are out of the way, here are the results for the last Poll.  I asked you what you...

9/5/11 Poll Results + New Poll

  This time around I kept the poll up a tad bit longer than usual to see what the majority of you really think of...

SimsVIP – Results from the Town Life Poll

  Once again we held yet another poll here on SimsVIP.  This time around we asked you for your opinion on Town Life.  I was...

New Sims 3 Community Poll!

  A brand new poll is up on The Sims 3 Website!  Go ahead and take your pick! ;)