9/5/11 Poll Results + New Poll

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This time around I kept the poll up a tad bit longer than usual to see what the majority of you really think of the Unicorns.  I personally fell in the 633 of you who don’t really care about the creature this time.  For me, it’s all about the pets!  I am definitely excited to finally have new additions to my families. 🙂

Seeing as many people were upset that werewolves did not make it in this time, I was surprised at these results!  Unicorns took the cake in this poll with almost 1000 votes of  “OMG AWESOME!” 😛




With this poll behind us, I come to you with a new type of poll.  This time around I am wondering what you would pay for in The Sims 3 Store.  Select your choice(s) of Premium Content you would definitely fork out cash for, if it were available.  You are allowed multiple choices in this poll, so take advantage!  You never know if EA is lurking. 😉