Melinda’s Ice Cream Shop Custom Content



Ice Cream Creations, come and get em!  Need some more variety in the game?  Want a cool Ice Cream Shop?  Look no further!  Melinda’s Shopping Break blog has tons of awesome creations, including my personal favorite…..Ice Cream stuff! :mrgreen:

I have downloaded all the clutter and items I need to build my own Ice Cream Shop!  Definitely some custom content I would highly recommend.  The Custom content is safe and does not contain any corrupt files within.  If anyone is interested in making one themselves, head over over to Melinda’s Blog.


Ice Cream Shop — Ice Cream Factory Ice Cream Shop Add on’s — Eat Me Clutter

Here are some photos of the shop I just finished decorating.  I really wish EA would give us full functioning businesses back or maybe a new venue as the Ice Cream Shop!

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-37 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-40


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