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Poll Results + New Poll (7/16/12)

  The last poll asked readers what type of PC they use to play their favorite game. With 2,199 votes, 79% of our readers play...

Poll Results + New Poll – 2/15/12

  I didn't forget about the poll, just been super busy! Anyway, the last poll asked your opinion on Celebrities joining DLC and future games....

New Sims 3 Community Poll!

  A brand new poll is up on The Sims 3 Website!  Go ahead and take your pick! ;)    

Sims 3 German Community Poll

  Cyron43 has pointed out that The Sims 3 German website  has a community poll up regarding the Social Features coming with Showtime. The answers change...

Poll Results + New Poll – 1/22/12

  There are so many simmers in this community and it was nice to see how many of our readers are players, creators and storytellers. After...

SimsVIP – Results from the Town Life Poll

  Once again we held yet another poll here on SimsVIP.  This time around we asked you for your opinion on Town Life.  I was...
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