Showtime’s Tot Spot Playground (Remake)


Sims 3 Builder Derek Pearce, has remade the Top Spot Playground found in Showtime’s Starlight Shores! The updated lot includes a fountain, garbage cans, chess board, more apple/lime trees and 3 butterfly spawners. You will need the Sims 3 Showtime to download this lot.


:!: I have scanned the item with Delphy’s Custard, and it is 100% CC/error free. Click here to view confirmation.

 Click here to Download!



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  1. Renan says:

    a good thing to do with this park is to add Generations/Town life toys for kids… AND change the ground from dry leaves or wherever it is to sand… (dry leaves seems like a pain for the poor kids without shoes :D

    1. Derek pearce says:

      thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be making a bigger version of the lot soon and I’ll include all the kids park objects :)

      1. Renan says:

        I was planning to redo the original park, so simple and etc… It was begging for a remake!

  2. derek pearce says:

    Ill be making many lots for the Sims 3 and sharing them here on Sims VIP :) keep watching for the latest from me.

  3. Ibce says:

    ‘tot spot’
    brb, calling pedobear xD

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