Creating The Sims 3 Easel & It’s Paintings
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Thanks to SimGuruGrant for the link!


One of the quandaries we had on The Sims 3 was a goal of making a deeper and more interesting game than The Sims 2, with more content to explore, but without an infinite budget and schedule (go figure). I ran up against this wall when designing the painting skill. The Sims 2had 12 paintings your Sim could paint on the easel (right).

I was emotionally attached to the easel because I’d programmed it inThe Sims 2. It was a great object. I may have been in love with it. So I wanted to design an easel and painting skill worthy of players’ lofty expectations in The Sims 3.

To add variety, there were 3 different canvas sizes. To add depth and collectability, some paintings were uncommon and rare (known as brilliant and masterpiece paintings). To add character, certain personality Sims would paint unique variations of paintings. And I wanted players to barely ever see the same painting twice.



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  1. Flow says:

    Awesome! <3<3<3 Thank you! :D

  2. niac1234 says:

    I’ve always loved the painting career. :D If only my game worked so I could play again. :?

  3. SpottedSixam says:

    Oh my gosh, 1580 paintings… I’m suddenly realizing how rich that skillset is. This guy’s blog is also really good to read in general–what interesting things he has to say! (PS: Ray, if you’re reading this, I heart the tombs you designed in WA and am addicted to unicorns.)

    1. Ray Mazza says:

      Thank you, SpottedSixam, for the compliments! I’m really glad you enjoy my posts, my tombs, and unicorns. BTW, the phrase “am addicted to unicorns” cracks me up.


      PS — I like your name, I’ve spotted a Maxis in there ;)

      1. SpottedSixam says:

        Wow, thanks for being so kind!

        No lie: I got Pets, installed it, realized there were unicorns, and immediately every other thing went on the sideline and I was 14 again in the days of Trapper Keeper folders with airbrushed unicorns against glowing grids. I still can’t resist petting unicorns ingame if they show up, no matter what else I’m doing at the time.

        I’m suddenly realizing that I also haven’t seen more than 1/8 of those paintings either, but that might be because of my play style. I don’t tend to play the “negative” traits that often, but there really are some Easter eggs for them, aren’t there? :)

        Thanks for dropping by. That made my entire day.

  4. AznSensei says:

    I Enjoyed reading this article. ^_^ Does this somewhat explain the “art update” with new paintings? I haven’t touched the painting career much but wondering if some of the art was new.

  5. Kilu says:

    This was the most interesting article I have ever read. I really never knew how much detail – and work – went into something as simple as the easel. I very much enjoy the easel, and now that I know how many paintings can be drawn, I’m gettin’ by behind back into the game to see them all. And to think I’ve not even seen 1/8 of the paintings!

    Ray, it’s really great to see you stop by here. It’s like meeting a celebrity ^.^ I very much enjoyed reading your entire site – Sims or no Sims – and would love it for you to post some more Sims goodies for me to read in the future. :)

    1. Ray Mazza says:

      Kilu — thanks a ton, that means a lot to me. Next time you say “This was the most interesting article I have ever read,” post it on my website! :) Seriously, thanks, and have fun painting!

  6. Trufan1 says:

    What a cool little read, thanks for posting it. I’ve always loved the painting skill. It really rewards the player for investing the time in it…whether that be from decorating a house, or growing our sims wallet. Every so often I have a sim who takes up the hobby, and I still see new paintings I’ve not seen before. :)

  7. Tig Magick says:

    Yes in my longer played family I had the basement walls just FILLED with art work no 2 the same! I’d only had about 3 painters but that was there job so… I did get some more than once but wanted to see how many there where, now I’m glad I dont have to count!

    Wow thanks for the info!

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