Sims 3 Store: Technophobe No More (Info & Screens)
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MultiTab 6000 Tablet



The newest Premium Content to add to a Sim’s life, is the super convenient, do it all tablet! With the MultiTab 6000, Sims can Read & Shop Online for Books, Listen to a Tabcast, Play a Social Game, or even give it as a gift to another Sim. Children & Teens have an added functionality, and that is to Do Homework! Homework will be completed much faster on the tablet.

Playing Social games boosts a Sim’s Fun level, listening to Tabcasts boosts a Sim’s Skills, and purchasing books online is a real convenience when you can’t leave home. There are a variety of different Social Games, Books & Tabcasts available.






Tab casts are a new way for your Sims to learn new or existing skills on the go. Select “Listen to Tabcast“, and you will be greeted with 10 options to choose from. Note that the Photography & Nectar Tabcasts will only appear if you have World Adventures installed.
If your Sim is starting out with skills they do not have yet, it will take anywhere from 6-10 Tabcasts, to gain the first skill point. After the first skill point is gained, leveling up will take about 2-5 Tabcasts. Since Sims are able to do other things while listening to the Tabcast, it can take more or less time to complete a full skill level.

Sims will push the tablet screen and add an earpiece to their ear to listen to the Tabcasts. While the skill is gained, Sims will put the Tablet back into their inventory. A flashing red light will appear throughout the duration of skill gaining.





 Social Games

The Tablet includes three “Online Social” games. One game includes popping Donuts & Croissants, another allows your Sim to pop Bats in Space, and the 3rd game is a replica of The Sims Social.




Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29




 Read & Shop for Books Online

If your Sim cannot leave the house or is just plain lazy, you can easily and conveniently shop for books online with the Tablet! You will be able to purchase any of the books that are available directly through your neighborhood’s bookstore, and then read them on the tablet.


:!: If you have World Adventures installed, the bookstores in each country are NOT available for online shopping. You will need to get your foreign books the good old fashion way.


Having the convenience of reading on the tablet definitely comes in handy when your Sims are out and about. Any books that your Sim has in their inventory, or are available in the Household Bookshelf, will also be available to your Sims on the tablet anytime, anywhere.

If your Sim purchases books that require a higher skill level of any kind, you will not be able to read those books on the tablet until your Sim has a high enough skill level. For example, if you purchase a Cooking Recipe that is above your Sim’s skill level, the recipe will not be visible in the tablet until your Sim has a high enough skill to read it.



Video Link






Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35




 Build/Buy Mode Objects


Ergophobic's Dire Desk Graphophobic Shudder Desk Hyelophobia Horror Desk Panophobia Panic End Table Hyelophobia Horror Chair Sitiophobic Stress Dining Chair Claustrophobia Chair Aichmophobia Despair Loveseat Cathisophobia Misery Loveseat Aichmophobia Despair Sofa Technophobic's Terror Television Cyberphobic Chic Computer Achluophobia Respite Chandelier Nelophobia Nightmare Chandelier Arsonphobia Dread Floor Light Textophobia Taunts Wall Sculpture Botanophobic's Nemesis Sculpture Scotomaphobic's Scary Stare Statue Eisoptrophobic's Fright Mirror Frigophobia Floor Friend Rug Baraphobia Safe Landing Rug Illyngophobia Doom Rug Ataxophobia Away Bookcase Scopophobic's Window Helopophobia Harm Window Agoraphobic's Angst Double Door

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  1. MJ says:

    Thanks a bunch SimsVIP! This set looks amazing- the new rugs, the awesome windows, the cool new chandeliers, the new tv, the computer and the especially that bust with the blindfold! I had completely overlooked the new premium content item- the MultiTab 6000. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on this set- If not the set, than atleast that MultiTab when it becomes a separate item. This set is by far the best set that I’ve ever seen on the Sims 3 Store. It’s amazing. :D

    Thanks again for gathering all these screenshots and all this info! :D

    1. maria_loves_alex says:

      here here!

  2. Steph says:

    brilliant now i can check each item out thank you

  3. Mingmei says:

    is the tablet going to be available for single purchase or just in the goth set?

    1. Mangoesandlimes says:

      I figured out a way to buy it individually. If you look up a recolor of the tablet (I searched for “Tablet” under objects and found one labeled “IPad” that worked), the Exchange will inform you that the upload contains store items. Click where it says “contains store” and a list will pop up of all store content in the file. Next to the list of items is a shopping cart symbol for any item you don’t own. I was able to put the MultiTab 6000 into my shopping cart, check out, download, and install the item individually. This is probably true for the fryer and the ice cream machine, too.

      Anyone interested in getting these items individually may want to hurry, as they’ll likely be working on a fix soon.

      1. Leni says:

        Holy crap! Thank you soo much for the tip! I just bought the tablet via your method – and it worked like a charm.


        1. Steph says:

          just got the tablet your way…the only prob i have with it is there are only 7 tabcasts (any help would be appricited )

          1. Mangoesandlimes says:

            Do you have all of the expansions? You won’t get nectar making or photography if you don’t have WA. Other than that, I’m not sure. Haven’t heard of that issue yet.

          2. Steph says:

            yes i do except for LN the funny thing is my female sim is an author/cook/gardner the tabcasts that don’t show are those three

            and we’re on the france trip at the mo so i’m thinking when the family get back to SV i’ll buy a tablet for one of the others and see if it will work for them

            p.s. thank you for your reply

          3. Steph says:

            AHA figured it out…bought tab for male sim cooking/garden/and writing showed him for him but not three of the others bought tab for my new genie female who has no skills and all 10 tabcasts show up

  4. Steph says:

    yes it will but i guess 2-4 weeks i think at 500 simpoints

    1. Steph says:

      p.s. LOVE the outfit the female sim is wearing

  5. kiwi_tea says:

    Bought it and like it, and feel I *almost* came *not distant* from getting my money’s worth, which is a *very, very, very rare* feeling with Store sets.

  6. crimson says:

    Thanks for the info! I wonder if this works on other skills from different eps like bass, piano, mixology, sculpting, etc..

  7. prettyneko says:

    Is it only me but when my sims goes to listen to the tabcast they quickly stop. plus playing games on it causes the fun and social to fill very quickly?

      1. crimson says:

        That fix doesnt work at all. At least for me.

        I downloaded the deepfryer and icecream set at the same time as well and that wasnt working at first either but that certain fix worked on it. It just doesnt work on the tablet, so i know it’s not because I’m doing something incorrectly like installing it wrong or whatever.

        1. Amy says:

          I had a problematic spellbook which was causing the same issue for me and I was using a mod fix prior to the tablet from another site, which quit working after I installed the tablet. BTW no fix from the site linked in the previous comment worked for me at all either.

          So, after several hours of trying different things to get my content to work properly, I discovered the pure root of the problem was my spellbook. Took it out and everything works beautifully with no fix needed. So I’m just forgetting about ever trying to mess with the spellbook again.

  8. MCSESSY says:

    That mod fixed the tabcasts but they play the games too fast.. :D

  9. ALI says:

    gunna get the multitab 6000 soon when sold separately

  10. Karu says:

    I love your female sims hairstyle. Completely want it. And can’t wait until the tablet gets sold separately. Totally going to buy it!

    1. Mingmei says:

      You can download that hairstyle from Peggy :)

  11. Tomas says:

    Is the “Gothic Glamour Living Room- Ergophobic’s Dire Desk” desk recolorable in create a style in the game? I like that it is clear but I want to know if u can change the color…

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