Ice Cream Maker & Fryer Available Separately In Game
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Thanks to a tip from Sims 3 member Attentionn, we now know that the Sims 3 Store’s Ice Cream Maker & Deep Fryer are available separately (in game) for 500 Simpoints. If you want the items but not the set, now is the time to grab your goods!


Ice Cream Fryer


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  1. Steph says:

    great thank you

    1. Sims VIP says:

      “In Game” ;)

    2. Kabuto says:

      In-game as Featured Store Items (FSI), not In-Game Store (IGS / Shop Mode)

  2. Max Q Baker says:

    they show up under Appliances in the Premium Content section of the store now…

  3. Max Q Baker says:

    Correction – what SimsVIP already said :-) (I had a download link under Appliances/premium content because I had the Fiesta set, but it still says only available as part of the compilation or Fiesta set.)

  4. Kabuto says:

    Good news ! It’s time to get them ;) !

  5. Kabuto says:

    Damn ! I can’t get them, FSI is no longer available in my game since Showtime

  6. Gucio92 says:

    Kabuto, I have the same problem as you have ;/ I turned on my game and FSI is disabled…

  7. Sims VIP says:

    If Fsi is disabled, go to game options and enable Shop Mode :)

    1. Kabuto says:

      Shop Mode is ON, this feature only hide/show the Store button (IGS)

  8. CoffeeChick0 says:

    I’m debating but the price of 500 simpoints seems a bit steep for these items. Maybe 300 tops. : )

  9. Vinvin says:

    I think ea made the sims a lot sweeter.this is great.Thank You :)

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