Sims 3 Store: New Simpoint Bundle!
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For $60 you can scoop up a brand new Prickly Pear Decor Set + and and extra 1,700 Simpoints, with the newest Sims 3 Store Simpoint bundle. These look like they may be included in the new world, but I can’t be sure. It would be best to wait it out first!

Thanks to Aznsensei for the info! :)



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  1. Don’t you mean extra 7,700 instead of 1,700? ;)

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Normally it would be 6,000 for $60, so it’s giving us 7,700 which makes it an extra 1,700 :D

      1. Sorry, I must’ve misread!

  2. crin says:


    In three different colors … Does that mean they are not recolorable ?

  3. Mangoesandlimes says:

    Does anyone know if these are build mode plants or buy mode plant-like statues?

  4. Siminoid says:

    Extra simpoints – yay!
    Cactuses – …

  5. venus says:

    This Game its turning out to be for people with money, i would love to have the cactus but i really can not afford that.:(

    1. Charlotte says:

      Yeah, it honestly makes me a little sad to look at the franchise I have loved so much and see how much it has become commercialized. And yes, I know it’s business and that’s how it works, you don’t have to buy the extras, if I don’t like it don’t buy it, etc etc, but it still makes me sad. It’s not really that I can’t afford it, it’s more that I dislike the feeling of being screwed, and the stuff packs and store content in particular are horrendously overpriced IMO.

  6. SimsOnlineFan says:

    You couldnt have hit the nail more on the head so to speak Venus.

  7. crin says:

    RoseRidge said they were trees. You get all three colors with one purchase and they are not recolorable.

    1. Mangoesandlimes says:

      Thank you! Might be worth it for me to save up for the bundle, then, as there aren’t many build mode plants to choose from.

  8. Bo Na Na says:

    PLEASE COME WITH THE NEW WORLD!!! Wouldn’t be fair just to buy 60$ worth simpoints for that cactus!

  9. 5050Sims says:

    I hope this simpoint bundle stays up for a while because I definitely want to get these

  10. Conclue says:

    This is a GREAT package. I’ve learned more is better. I love the repackaging givingus more simpoints. Considering how pricey stuff is, I’m doing better with getting a package with extra points, I get more for my money, and when i have a sp balance I tend to be more frugal and smart about my purchases.

    This will be my next package. Basically, you can get a free big set or venue by getting $60 at once. I don’t mind that, it’s actually more enticing to me to buy this way.

    I’m just so happy with all things Sims this past two weeks. Team really seems to be switching their mentality. I know the sets are expensive but I’m sure it’s not the employees at the Sims 3 Store Studio wanting them this high, but the sales are good. Reasonable now.

  11. Alex says:

    I think that it should have been included in Lucky Palms.Thanks SimsVIP for the infformation!

    1. Vinnie Vin Vin says:

      Exactly, this is why I don’t bother with much of the perks anymore. It was nice when it was sparingly and few and far between but now its like “Lets take from a set/EP/SP and dangle this little carrot”.

    2. B says:

      Actually that plant comes with the world, but only one color. The bonus from the simpoint package is a recolor of it. So those that buy the world will at least have the one color of the prickly pear cacti.

      1. B says:

        Just read the link from Nickzi’s comment and looks like there is the regular cactus, and 3 colors that are not displayed above. I got my info from the live chat when Sarah said the one color was in the world and the bonus from simpoints were recolors of it.

  12. krimsonnox says:

    oh i hope this is available in the world because i hate to miss out on it but i already bought the high priced bundle last month so i cant buy any more points for a long time. With as few plants as we have they shouldnt make them so hard to get

  13. Bo Na Na says:

    Jk don’t come with the new world cuz I just bought it…

  14. matrix54 says:

    SO, we’ve been deprived of cacti (we haven’t seen new cacti since the Sims 2), and when we finally get some (that isn’t a potted plant) we have to pay for it. O_o

    The games needs (yes, needs) Cacti.

  15. SimsRage says:

    The cactuses are great!!!
    The shadow is awful!!!
    The new town is epic!!! <3

  16. Steph says:

    cacti fab and agree with matrix54

  17. jamie says:

    i thought i saw that the new town next week comes with some similar cacti?

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