Rumor: The Sims 3 Refresh?


The first listing of “The Sims 3 Refresh” appeared alongside Uberkonzol’s Sims 3 Seasons listing, but I was cautious about posting since their release date was scheduled for June 22nd. Since then, two more listings have appeared (along with Seasons), one of which shows an August 17th release date. Thanks to Rincon Del Simmer for gathering all the info. :)

I’m still a little skeptic on what this game may be (SP 8 maybe?), however the latest listing comes from Spain’s Game Distributor EuroVideo. Owning a distribution myself, I know that manufacturers (in this case the game publisher) give distributors a 4-6 month notice for all unannounced/future products. This allows for the distributor and the retailer to prepare SKU’s and create their virtual inventory. Is it true? Is it bunk? What is it? Only time will tell!


Refresh 2 Refresh 3


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  1. Kabuto says:

    I think a new edition with all patch updates included.

    1. Josh says:

      but why would they do that??? if they can relese the patches though the launcer or internet??? i wonder if its the base game all patched up so that the ep’s will work mabey no more freezing and lagging will be a patch i hope so ea has somev really nice worlds and it gets annoying that it freezes half an hour in even if it is for 10 seconds

  2. Vicky says:

    Josh, try to play with lower details. The freezing problem depends on your PC. A sufficiant good PC will not freeze once. Either you get a new one or you have to play with lower grafic options.

    1. Josh says:

      mines a zoostorm gaming pc i guess i could try turning down to lower details thanks :)

    2. Josh says:

      i turned it down to lower grapichs still freezes not for long though ive turned off mirror refection tree details have been put on low draw distance a mediam and edge scrooling is off

  3. KorySweet! says:

    I was kinda thinkin this sounds like a Vacation expansion pack, eh?

  4. KEb says:

    Lucky Palm, counterpart.. i think next sp would be an business (malls, casino, hotels, resorts etc)

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