New Late Night and Showtime lot options in patch 1.36


Velocitygrass on ModtheSims has discovered that the 1.36 patch changes are quite a bit more extensive than initially suspected, and he has also found code for upcoming premium content – a vending machine and a ceremonial teaset!

Some info about what’s in the GameplayData.package:
The fix for the Showtime performers using Late Night lots appears to go even further:

  • Graveyards, Fishing Spots, and Beaches work as a park gig.
  • Pool, Gym, Library as well as Dive Bars work as Bistro Gigs (Coffeehouse is what it’s called in game I think).
  • Hangouts and the LN Dance Clubs work as Live Venue Gigs.
  • Art Gallery, LN Lounges, and the Horse Ranch work as Private Venue Gigs.

Tuning files for the Premium store items have been added to the package. There’s the existing ones and two unreleased:
 Vending Machine, which comes in flavors Candy, Health, and Drink and offers the interactions Buy to eat later, Restock, Kick, Buy to eat. Items has a chance to get stuck.
 A ceremonial tea set, which comes with a hidden skill.




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  1. Geminia says:

    This is the best news ever!!! Finally More room in my worlds will be spared!!!

    1. Geminia says:

      Can’t wait for the vending machines by the way… I really miss them from sims 2

    2. Damienf519 says:


      You’re right, if this is true, than we will have more space, provided we can figure out how to have both places for separate band gigs and performance gigs on the same lot, without it looking really bad.

  2. Nickzi says:


  3. Alexandra244 says:

    A vending machine for free? or premium content??? i dont like buying simpoints from ea… in Australia there is no simpoints gift cards…

    1. Bindy says:

      There is now – EB Games has started selling them!

      1. kiwi_tea says:

        Buying Simpoints retail in NZ and Australia is quite a bit more expensive. Buy them on the site with a credit card if anywhere.

  4. catloverplayer says:

    Well we know the two objects we’ll be getting next week now. That sounds like a food themed set prehaps a new venue with these 2 objects. The new wall and floor patterns some are tropical that came with this patch so maybe a tropical themed resturent.

  5. zeekslider says:

    I don’t understand. Does this mean we can have LN Gigs in ST venues and vice versa?

    1. Max Q Baker says:

      It sounds like you can definitely have a showtime gig in a LN venue (provided the stage and other required pieces are there), but I’m not sure about the reverse (apart from the working mixologist, as CatLoverPlayer pointed out.)

      But i really wish they would make it so bands could audition for gigs the way singers/acrobats/magicians do. The band system was really awful (and despite that I still liked it a lot.)

  6. catloverplayer says:

    I think it means we can have mixologist in showtime clubs with proprieters but it may also mean what Zeek is talking about in addition.

  7. catloverplayer says:

    I hope the sims don’t keep using the vending machines automously like they did in sims 2 apartment life. They would constanly run to it and get something to eat or drink even when they wern’t hungry.

    Also why no chips? The food one will only sell candy according to the info.

    These will come in so handy on some of the new lots. Prehaps we can put some at the pool lot in Lucky Palms.

    1. Conclue says:

      I hope that we get these PC items soon.

      I was hoping more along the lines of a food stand moreso than a vending machine. Not that I don’t want it, but I feel having a nice counter/bar type object similiar to the Bon Voyage food stands but designed to be versatile. That way we could incorpoate them into buildings as we wish. (eg; no big top to it like in Sims 2) The food register on the counter looks okay, but I’d like something more asethetic

      1. catloverplayer says:

        Well next week is the third Thursday of the month traditionally when we get new premium content so I believe these two items will be coming next week.

        Also I saw the hotdog stand mentioned in the Seasons Survey so I hope it returns in Seasons.

  8. wzw1177 says:

    I’m just curious, who will have a gig in graveyard? :D

    1. Max Q Baker says:

      I totally will :-)

      1. wzw1177 says:

        Oh then you need some special friends to be your audience. :D

        1. I’ll be in that audience! :D

          1. Max Q Baker says:

            It’s cool for my AngelBabies to have unknown groupies :-)

            (but I don’t use Simport. Had too many issues with it and just gave up.)

  9. Conclue says:

    Hey I’m not updating untill tomorrow. I might as well go get MSS and install before I have to make back ups since you do anyhow.

    I’m interested to know, does 1.36 stop the freezing madness in SS?

  10. Bo Na Na says:

    Ahhh! Diesel comes out tomorrow! But my dad only gave me 30 bucks from work!!! I really want the vending machine but then Unwanted the stuff pack…and their both the same price…grrr

  11. Damienf519 says:


    I’m going to have to do some experimenting. This sounds good and all, but with all these changes, why didn’t EA update the in game instructions? If true, Its not like these are minor changes.

    1. kiwi_tea says:

      Understandable. velocitygrass’s info comes from looking at game files, but numerous users have reported successful gigs on LN lots now. If any of this is incorrect, let the community know! :)

      1. Damienf519 says:


        Okay, but it may take awhile. I’m currently playtesting one of my maps that won’t even include Showtime content right now, except maybe in a later edition. I’m glad to know that other players are able to have performance gigs at other venues now. This could not only save space, but mean that we’ll be able to get more sims to appear on a lot, without having to make a lot more sims for our towns. However, I’m still puzzled as to why EA didn’t update those lessens and add a new one about having performance gigs at other venues now.

      2. velocitygrass says:

        Yes, this is only from the files. I didn’t actually check it in game, so confirmation would be great.

        And not that it matters, but I’m a she not a he ;)

        1. kiwi_tea says:

          Good to know, gender is always confusing on the intertron. I’m usually thought a she, which is no big deal to me either, but that’s for the correction! ^_^

          1. kiwi_tea says:

            Or thanks even! :P

  12. miklc says:

    I am really pleased by these new options for lots! I am so happy that we can now have Showtime performers play gigs in LN venues it just didn’t make sense that they couldn’t in the first place, I hope LN bands can also play in ST venues, has anyone tried this yet? Pleased to hear about the new Premium Content because I have wanted Vending Machines for a while now, I would have preferred that they came in an EP but I’m pleased we’re getting them anyhow…

    1. Bo Na Na says:

      It said in the Pets Official Fact Sheet that they would include Vending Machines but looks like they saved it for Store Content.

    2. Max Q Baker says:

      I tried, but have not yet been able to get a gig, period. I don’t use the MTS gig mod, so I am stuck at the games random whim.

  13. Conclue says:

    I know that I’m getting gigs at “LN” lots. My Porty-A-Party warehouse is a fusion lounge since I loaded SS and upgraded it all. I got gigs and it’s so cool. I widened the stage and put a piano to the left of the ST stage and the pianoist still plays :)

    I also added LN bars to my Springs Casino/ST Venue and this works as well. You get the “bar” drinks (sports, watering, dive) and food options.

    I have yet to even make a band or try one so I’m gonn work on that tonight because I wanna know, lol

  14. Sithina says:

    So glad to hear about the vending machines! I even posted in the Ideas forum asking for them, lol, so this is excellent news, and worth the price for premium content. I’m actually glad I didn’t have to wait for them to come out in an expansion pack, though, honestly, we should have had them a long time ago. :P

    Excited for the ceremonial tea set, too! Would love to do traditional tea ceremonies and the like, with that possibly being a hidden skill–the tea improves as your skill does :P

  15. 12th Nightmare says:

    I haven’t seen anybody else talking about this, but after I patched I noticed that each tab in Buy Mode has a section on the far right that lists all the Store ‘packages’ that have content from that tab. When you click on one, you get a small ‘collection’ pop-up that show everything in that store ‘package.’

  16. Damienf519 says:


    Okay, here’s an update. I created an acrobat, and I was eventually able to get her a gig at a dance club. However I ran into a major problem. There was a scheduling conflict between the hours the club was supposed to be open, and the time she was supposed to be on stage. It wouldn’t let her start her show on time.

    I have more details on the problem here.

    SimGurus: Conflicts between performance gig schedule & LN Bar/Club hours after patch 1.36

    So apparently, if one of our magicians, acrobats or singers gets a gig at a Late Night Venue, they might not be able to start on time, due to the bar/club not being open when their performance is scheduled to begin. I have not tried hosting a sim yet in a town without Late Night Venues doubling as showtime venues yet, but I’d imagine there would also be a scheduling conflict like this.

    No word on whether bands can get gigs at Showtime Venues as well now, or whether they will run into similar scheduling conflicts.

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