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I wanted to take some time to introduce you guys to the new and improved Featured Store Items.The feature is pretty awesome. It gives you a way to shop for items in game without tabbing out or going to the website.


Want to know the Benefits? Read on!


- Find exclusive sales in game that you won’t find on the web


- Premium Items are often available earlier in game


- You never have to leave your game


- Improved platform allows you to download faster without harming your game


Have the feature turned off? Turn it back on! Try the new features, and let us know what you think! We’re constantly trying to improve at the Store so be sure to leave you comments in the forums!



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  1. catloverplayer says:

    That’s good to know. Hopefully it stops the game from crashing if you download it this way.

    Alex have you seen my comment in the Simguru Kelly thread? The links got a possible picture and name of the Seasons ep called Traveller’s Tale if it’s real.

    1. Geminia says:

      hun for that type of info you provide links….I WANNA SEEE!!! *faints* i want seasons now :P

  2. jamie says:

    I am just not thrilled with this at all….more and more intrusion is all i see.

    1. Geminia says:

      well the good think about it is that if you already own those sets it acts like a mini collection folder, so you just grab the items from there and place them in your lot, without searching your entire catalog for the matching items

    2. Chris says:

      Then turn it off and you won’t see these sales stuff *rolls eyes*

    3. Citrina says:

      Yes could not agree with you more, I don’t want store crap in my game, the store and game itself should be kept seperate, because I don’t pay 30 pounds with every fricking exapnsion, so everytime I turn the buy mode I would actually see their advertisement, because the idea itself of advertisement in something I pay is just ridiculous, if this is just a start I eint playing sims 4.

      1. Chris says:

        There is lovely feature called the “options” menu where you can turn it off… *wink*

        1. jamie says:

          Wow…ask me if i didn’t know that….how about this….

          i did not need anything more in my game telling my what i have already bought…even if it is seperated….!

  3. n00biito says:

    No! I won’t be turning it on! I don’t want it in my game. I hope that’s clear enough.

    1. Peoinee says:

      I turn off the store option in game and it only shows me sets ive bought/free sets ive downloaded.

      I like it because of big sets i cant always find everything now i can just find the set and its all there for me to put in my house. and i dont have to deal with the store itself and anything i cant afford or dont want isnt shown.

      Plus its in its own section
      ex. Living room i have asian fusion if i want only it i click the sets and there it is for me to pull stuff out of or i click on couches and no store stuff only couches like normal.

      the sets is just the base when you open a room type its there to remind you you do have sets that work in that room.

  4. Xzalor says:

    I love it! Got Technophobe No More on sale and it organizes ALL my sets! :)

    Also, I have no problems with my game after updating.

    1. Max Q Baker says:

      I didn’t like the original in-game store at all (emphases: AT ALL), but decided to give this one a look, and it is much better.

      I bought one set on sale, and it took only 5 minutes to install (compared to about 30 minutes for the old store) which was acceptable.

      The in-store sales are decent (we all know that EA can do half-arsed deals and good deals when they want to. You just have to be patient enough to wait, if you don’t ‘need’ it right away.)

      The new ‘set collection’ feature is a nice addition. Maybe not perfect, but better than before, and makes creating new collections easier by letting you quickly find set items you own.

      The option to turn off is always welcome.

      All-in-all, I am glad they added it; even if I only use it that one time to test.

  5. Nate says:

    I don’t understand why people complain about stuff like this. It just seems like they’re complaining just for the sake of complaining at this point.

  6. 12th Nightmare says:

    I don’t have the Featured Store Items ‘feature’ turned on, so all it shows is the packs that I own.

    The Feature Store Items thing was pretty much a bad idea from the beginning but this is actually useful, so why complain about it?

    1. Citrina says:

      Well, in case you didn’t know there are thsese types of people that don’t use store (I’m one of them) so store feature is really an invasion, I don’t know about you but I personally don’t like the advertisement in my game. It be better if we could turn that ”feature” off (and I aren’t talking about the shop mode). Then it would work for everybody but EA is too greedy and they just shove they store stuff to everybody even thought I never ever going to buy their stuff.

    2. Citrina says:

      Never mind ignore my post, turns out you can turn it off and it is all shop mode which I thought I already turned off, but anyways YAY!!!

  7. Kabuto says:

    There is also some Dr Pepper stuff

  8. MrHawk says:

    Messy and ugly.
    Intrusive for those who didn’t want it.
    Not organised enough or useful enough for those that did want it.

    There’s a perfectly good collections folder this feature COULD have gone into, with the option to delete if you didn’t want it. Win/win option ignored as usual.

    Did I mention glitchy?

  9. POpo says:

    There’s a turn off button? I need it!

    1. Kabuto says:

      Yes, a checkbox in the game settings but it will remove the Store Mode button in CAS too

  10. Develishfae says:

    I don’t know why everyone is having a fit about this. You can simply uncheck the box in the options panel to get rid of it. Sheesh.

    1. TUF says:

      No you can’t. The panel still is there checked on or off. Only difference is what is store/items you own and just sets you own.

  11. Illiana says:

    Great. No way to get rid of it. I’m not logged in, nor am I using the store in my game, and yet…it’s still there. -_-

    The gold button is just bugging me for some reason. Perhaps because when I load buy mode it immediately loads whatever is under the featured sets.

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