Sims 3 Store Invasion: Supernatural Style


One of the photos posted by Sims True Life, displays a golden ring of “Sims 3 Store“. This goes to show that the next patch will include a very intrusive way to push store content purchases. They even have a “Buy Simpoints” button! Sheesh!

Thanks to for pointing it out!


Click Image for a larger view!

Supernatural Store


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  1. jadeisallama says:

    That looks ugly. I hope there’s some way of disabling it :S

  2. I understand why they’re doing it. They do that shit w/SimsCity and I *might have* used actual money to buy in-game shit (hangs head in shame). HOWEVER, it still pisses me the f*ck off that a game I’ve spent way too much money on might have this in it and I can’t turn it off. /rant

  3. Toblat says:

    “Buy Simpoints” button in-game is actually very useful. Stupid sims store has been blocking me from simpoint purchases since day one due to my location. If it`s going to be anything like other EA titles, in-game price of points will be half of what it is in origin store.

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