Rumor: 9 Expansions & 10 Stuff Packs for TS3?


Rincon Del Simmer stumbled upon some interesting coding in the UI.package. It appears that the Sims 3 ‘Player Wall‘ has been updated to reflect changes in coding that only hit EP9 & SP10. Does the Sims 3 only have one more expansion left?


Welcome to a new episode of “Digging in The Sims 3″. This time, we enter the mysterious file where the settings of the user interface: UI.package , in the not-so-mysterious folder Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Game \ Bin \ UI …

Ah, I reached my destination: InGameWall , the configuration file player wall , a social feature of the latest patches. What we find here? For a lot of text do not understand. But if “dig” a little, get something interesting: there are settings for the various expansion packs and accessories. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the icons are for games player profile. And here’s the kicker: There are settings for 10 accessory packs(SP1-SP10) but only 9 expansions (EP1-EP9).




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  1. lolifofo says:

    EA was either being stupid not including university in Generations, or they wanted to put the focus on it in another upcoming expansion.

    1. Kabuto says:

      In my mind,

      World Adventures is a RPG EP
      Generations is a SP
      Katy Perry Sweet Treats wasn’t planned and is a “EA get milk” Pack, I’ll never get it.

      With Seasons and Supernatural, the game will be completed because the weather will make the world like a vacation place (sunbath, swimming in the sea, snowboard, skate)

      Even if I’m sad University and Open For Business weren’t done, we’ve got a lot of things from The Sims 2 Packs and The Sims 1 Superstar/Makin Magic.

      Now I hope the last EP won’t be a disappointing pack

  2. Jane says:

    Simguru Grant is working on some TOP secret project, it has yet to be announced.
    He is working on Sims 4, what else could be top secret. :)

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Really? I didn’t know that. I know Graham and Ryan were working on a secret project and come to find out it was Seasons.

    2. Karen says:

      The Top Secret Project Graham was working on was Seasons which has already been announced. He has said that in a tweet.

      1. Jane says:

        I mean Grant Rodiek not Graham
        look at his tweets, he is not working on expansions.

  3. Crizzy says:

    Graham Nardone recently said that the Sims 3 “still has plenty of life left in it.” ( )

    I wouldn’t make grand predictions based on a little snippet of code nobody was meant to see. They can change that little file any time they want with a patch. It’s not carved in stone.

    I don’t doubt that they are already working on Sims 4, but I think they will keep Sims 3 going for a little longer.

    1. Jaja says:

      Denial much? The games will be done regardless of what you think and they will milk the rest through the store. 5 years is about right for a series to run and we’re now hitting 4 in 2013.

      Plus, “anytime soon” doesn’t mean 2 years from now. :?

      1. Crizzy says:

        Wow. I said I DON’T DOUBT they are working on Sims 4. If that’s your idea of denial… okaaaaay.

  4. Citrina says:

    How fast the time flies by, the first and second expansions seemed to be release not that long ago, and now the series are ending :(

  5. Kabuto says:

    UI.package can still be updated or patched :P

  6. SimsVIP says:

    Don’t kill the messenger! *hides* :P

    No one has said this is written in stone, and no one said this is absolutely 100% confirmed. Oh, and no one said Sims 4 is coming! :lol: This is just information shared by someone who went looking for it. This could all mean they have planned 9 expansions and 10 stuff packs so far.

    1. Kabuto says:

      Maybe they gave up to release another EP like they did with The Sims 2 SP9 Mansion & Garden aka Sims2EP9.exe .

      EP10 development can’t be reach to gold in time.

    2. lolajust says:

      No one is gonna kill you. haha. Thanks for sharing this stuff. Eventually sims 3 will end and if we’re lucky we’ll get a sims 4.

    3. n00biito says:

      Yeah, I’m mean they released 3 EPs or rather there will be 3 EPs released this year, 2 stuff packs and the KPST. Do you guys really expect them to have the code for EP 10 ready?

      At least we now know for sure there will be an EP9. That’s good news for those still waiting for University, Open for Business, proper apartments and other stuff.

  7. Karen says:

    That’s sad it’s coming to an end already. It does feel that ts3 just started. With Supernatural and Seasons coming this year… what other expansions can they make? University, Hot Dates… Theme Park, Open for business.

    1. Kabuto says:

      It’s sad, they do useless like World Adventures instead of a real vacation EP and Generation, it’s a stuff pack with new traits and new parties (They forget to put them in Late Night).

  8. Darrell says:

    Que Sera, Sera, people. No sense is getting in fights about things no one has any real information about.
    The facts:
    1) Sims 3 will, eventually, end.
    2) We don’t know when that will be.
    3) Sims 4 will, eventually, come.
    4) We don’t know when that will be.
    So everything else is speculation and not worth worrying about. Let’s just enjoy the Sims 3 while we can.

    1. Kabuto says:


      The Sims :
      From 1st half of 2000 (February)
      to 2nd half of 2003 (October, EP7)

      The Sims 2 :
      From 2nd half of 2004 (September)
      to 2nd half of 2008 (August, EP8 / November, SP9)

      The Sims 3 :
      From 1st half of 2009 (February but delay to June)
      to (certainly) 1st half of 2013.

      so 4 and half years later

      The Sims 4 : Second half of 2013 (September?)

      1. lolajust says:

        Hmmm, I see a pattern there.

        Sims: 7 EP’s
        Sims2: 8 EP’s/9 SP’s
        Sims 3: (possibly) 9 EP’s/10 SP’s

        1. Kabuto says:


          and The Sims 4: 10 EP / 11 SP :P or they will stop to 10.

  9. Casey says:

    I hope this isn’t true. I don’t want Sims 4. It’s just going to be a remake of Sims 3..

    1. Kabuto says:

      The Sims 3 was a remake of The Sims 1 and The Sims 2.
      The Sims 2 was a remake of The Sims 1.

      But each game introduce new features,
      TS2 = genetics/3D/etc,
      TS3 = seamless world/create a style/etc

      I can already say I won’t like The Sims 4 until the TS4 Seasons EP will be released :P

      Seasons & Weather will be never in the basegame because EA get milk with this EP.

  10. Guest says:

    Why does everyone keep thinking there’ll be 10 EPs. Maybe in Sims 4. EA adds an EP each generation. SIMS had the base game, Living Large, House Party, Hot Date, Unleashed, Vacations, Superstar and Makin Magic. (No they aren’t in order, just count the anyways.)7, for sims 2 it was Uni, Ofb, pets, bon voyage, nightlife, seasons, free time and apartment life. 8, so if EA follows it’s trend, S3 gets 9 EPs, tops.

  11. acee says:

    At least, for me and for some others, EA is ending TS3 the right way. The last EP should be EPIC. An all out EP that is not half-baked!

  12. Jasson says:

    Maybe if TS3 doesn’t continue, maybe I would like to see them continuing The Sims 2 EPs and SPs :D

  13. Mati11 says:

    I don’t know, why you dislike Generations. This expansion have many new fetures, such as Gnome Families, New Liftime Wishes, Traits, Daycare Proffesion, Imaginary Friend, Afterschool activities, Boarding School, Prom Night, Dating, Reputation, Bodyhair, Pranks System, New Parties, and much more. Evry expansion has a lot of new functions, but you propably didn’t discover it. And comparing them to Stuff packs and the Sims 2 expansion, in my opinion, is incongruous. I hope that you understand what I mean :)
    I wanted, the last expansions will be Urban life and Theme Park.

    1. Samis says:

      There is no new lifetime wishes in Generations. ;)

  14. lolasalty01 says:

    i do hope they do like other EP’s in TS4. i d want vacations and pets to be the same. ( alot more pets and a REAL vacation. ) and the rest maybe all new ideas. seasons , open bussines and university in the base game maybe. but thats not needy. i hope for a african EP. and a theme park EP. for TS4 ;D i didnt buy the sims 3 ( download ) but i maybe will buy TS4 if they gonne these ideas ( i doubt xd )

  15. ThemarioHustler says:

    Hhhm i wish for the Sims 3: University :(

  16. Samis says:

    I want Farming and real Vacation. :)

    I do not care for University. It was a boring EP in TS2. :(

    If University is last EP for TS3. I will be disappointed. :(

    1. Bornas12 says:

      I agree, Sims 2 University I never liked it was boring and and collage lasted too long. That’s why I never installed it on my laptop. But I don’t want Sims 3 to end!!!! :( :(

  17. Anne says:

    For the sims 4 i wish planes and ships and new professions-pilot, navigator etc.

  18. Fahmi Habibie says:

    Maybe EA have a plan 4 make the game better in a future. All items, feature, etc will combine in TS4

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