Rumor: 9 Expansions & 10 Stuff Packs for TS3?
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Rincon Del Simmer stumbled upon some interesting coding in the UI.package. It appears that the Sims 3 ‘Player Wall‘ has been updated to reflect changes in coding that only hit EP9 & SP10. Does the Sims 3 only have one more expansion left?


Welcome to a new episode of “Digging in The Sims 3″. This time, we enter the mysterious file where the settings of the user interface: UI.package , in the not-so-mysterious folder Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Game \ Bin \ UI …

Ah, I reached my destination: InGameWall , the configuration file player wall , a social feature of the latest patches. What we find here? For a lot of text do not understand. But if “dig” a little, get something interesting: there are settings for the various expansion packs and accessories. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the icons are for games player profile. And here’s the kicker: There are settings for 10 accessory packs(SP1-SP10) but only 9 expansions (EP1-EP9).




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  1. acee says:

    At least, for me and for some others, EA is ending TS3 the right way. The last EP should be EPIC. An all out EP that is not half-baked!

  2. Jasson says:

    Maybe if TS3 doesn’t continue, maybe I would like to see them continuing The Sims 2 EPs and SPs :D

  3. Mati11 says:

    I don’t know, why you dislike Generations. This expansion have many new fetures, such as Gnome Families, New Liftime Wishes, Traits, Daycare Proffesion, Imaginary Friend, Afterschool activities, Boarding School, Prom Night, Dating, Reputation, Bodyhair, Pranks System, New Parties, and much more. Evry expansion has a lot of new functions, but you propably didn’t discover it. And comparing them to Stuff packs and the Sims 2 expansion, in my opinion, is incongruous. I hope that you understand what I mean :)
    I wanted, the last expansions will be Urban life and Theme Park.

  4. lolasalty01 says:

    i do hope they do like other EP’s in TS4. i d want vacations and pets to be the same. ( alot more pets and a REAL vacation. ) and the rest maybe all new ideas. seasons , open bussines and university in the base game maybe. but thats not needy. i hope for a african EP. and a theme park EP. for TS4 ;D i didnt buy the sims 3 ( download ) but i maybe will buy TS4 if they gonne these ideas ( i doubt xd )

  5. ThemarioHustler says:

    Hhhm i wish for the Sims 3: University :(

  6. Samis says:

    I want Farming and real Vacation. :)

    I do not care for University. It was a boring EP in TS2. :(

    If University is last EP for TS3. I will be disappointed. :(

    • Bornas12 says:

      I agree, Sims 2 University I never liked it was boring and and collage lasted too long. That’s why I never installed it on my laptop. But I don’t want Sims 3 to end!!!! :( :(

  7. Anne says:

    For the sims 4 i wish planes and ships and new professions-pilot, navigator etc.

  8. Fahmi Habibie says:

    Maybe EA have a plan 4 make the game better in a future. All items, feature, etc will combine in TS4

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