Download Strangetown (& Families!) For The Sims 3


Yes, you saw that right folks! joedy_76 has created the Sims 2 world (Strangetown) and its families (created by Sixam Sims), for The Sims 3! Check out some of the screenshots below, and head on over to joedy_76’s blog for details on this world!

Thanks to Tweety for the link! :)


World Families


TS3W2012-04-2814-03-27-22 TS3W2012-04-2814-06-36-26 TS3W2012-04-2920-45-08-68 TS3W2012-08-1310-54-59-55 TS3W2012-08-1310-55-39-29 TS3W2012-08-1310-59-59-87


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  1. Mike says:

    Is there any CC or mods in the world (families are obvious)

    1. Mr X. says:

      Yes the world has 39 peices of object CC plus some other sim3 package not sure about the Families

  2. SimsVIP says:

    You have to check the sites for more info on that, or leave a comment asking for details. :)

  3. Process Denied says:

    These are a lot better than my remakes. Almost wished I didn’t spend the time. I think I’ll wait until Seasons to install so I can make the Aliens real aliens.

  4. Jay says:

    STUNNING work. Literally STUNNING.

    From the lot detail to the famblys themselves.

  5. James says:


  6. MItch says:

    I wish someone would recreate Veronaville this well. Or maybe they have and I just don’t know? It’s the only neighborhood I used to play Sims 2.

    1. Mr X. says:

      There is a pretty good Veronaville here and it is CC-free

      Mod the Sims also has a Roverblossom Hills(which is also CC free)

  7. SimsJackal says:

    I have this world. It’s really beautifully done! Yes, there is some custom content that comes with it. If I knew how to remove those items, I would. Sadly it keeps telling me it won’t because it’s ‘committed’ to things. :-| otherwise, beautiful job!

  8. Bornas12 says:

    It looks awesome, will add it to the game!!!

  9. Patty Lamb says:

    I downloaded the world of Strangetown & all the Sim families from here. I can’t get the families to show up in my game…can you help? Thanks in advance!

    1. Patty Lamb says:

      Never mind….I realized that I was on the wrong site to ask for help…sorry. I went to where I downloaded them from. Thanks anyway! :-)

  10. President Justin says:

    Thank you!

  11. Austin says:

    Love this! Ajay Loner is awesome haha :))

  12. MorganM says:

    i can’t download this!!!!help me!!!

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