Sims 3 Store: August 16th Sets
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:!: Nothing new addedIsland Escape Compilation (1,900 SP) – Has your Sim been waiting for their day in the sun? Well the wait is over! Give your Sim their own little piece of paradise with the Island Escape Compilation. Whether your Sim is getting their beach bum on or snuggling up in the Island Villa bedroom, sun and fun are the only items on the schedule. Impress the natives by throwing a luau with your very own outdoor tiki party!

Set 2



Hibiscus Trio (500 SP) – Sure to brighten any garden or backyard, this trio of colorful hibiscus plants ask for nothing more than water, sunshine, and a little love.



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  1. Mera says:

    HT looks like a good set.

  2. Visgoth says:

    Good thing I haven’t gotten any of the compilation stuff yet it’s a good deal.

    1. markydee says:

      It’s really not. It’s just 200 off for the sale price. The original price [3500] is illogical since the whole thing comes up to only 2800. Something’s not right there. :lol:

      1. Visgoth says:

        Sarah Holding has gotten feedback because of it and has passed the info along. I saw it just now and was like what? The current sale price is what the compilation should be when NOT on sale. The set ON SALE should be 1,900 or 1,800.

  3. Mera says:

    But it really doesn’t worth 500 SPs.

  4. kiwi_tea says:

    Awesome. And expensive. But then plants are probably more expensive to make. But then everything in the store is trop cher, so maybe it’s more of the same?

    If this was 300SP, 100 per bush, I would snap it up right now. As it stands, I’m not sure I’d even bother to get it on sale.

  5. SimsVIP says:

    I would have preferred a “Garden” set. Multiple trees, bushes, plants (decor) etc. I can only wish for a Garden SP. :P

    1. BabyBoop17 says:

      i know right that would be awesome but you know ea…-_____-

  6. jude1072 says:

    2,600 SimPoints…dex=0&productId=OFB-SIM3:55406

    From Jolster on Sim Forum Community


    Island Villa – 600 SP
    Tiki Outdoor Party – 1600 SP
    Tiki Living Room Set – 400 SP
    Tiki Dining Room Set – 200 SP
    2800 SP in total.

    Why the 2600/3500 SP sale/nonsale?

    1. Visgoth says:

      Wow I just did the math lol EA is really trying to scam us or maybe it was a mistake. In reality we are only getting two bucks off LOL.

    2. Kabuto says:

      In fact, it will be the prices of Sunlit Tides.

      1. Visgoth says:


        1. Kabuto says:

          Sunlit Tides 2600/3500 SP sale/nonsale

          because Lucky Palms (Gold) @ 3700/4350 SP

  7. Amy says:

    Just as I assumed….a compilation of old sets.

    For those of us who already have these sets in the compilation(I can assume I’m not the only one…) this is quite frustrating. And I am not spending 500 SP on three plants, when I have to save my SP for the world coming out!

    Frustrating. : (

  8. Iron Seagull says:

    Ouch, that’s basically the price of premium content for three bushes that do nothing special. Maybe when it’s half off on the daily deal I’ll buy them but not for 500 points.

    1. Kabuto says:


      They tried but it didn’t work :P

      Scam failure !

  9. SpottedSixam says:

    Wait, $5 for three bushes? Do they do anything special? I mean, the +3 environment bump is nice, but that sounds kind of excessive for three bushes that look similar to other bushes we already have. I’m confused.

    1. Guest says:

      Honestly, I think that when I look at most the things in the Sims 3 store, People happily pay 12$ or more for a set of things without realizing it’s almost or more then an EP or SP.

  10. catloverplayer says:

    Does anyone think that’s Sunlit Tides in the background? If it is it looks like it’s freaking awesome.

    1. Visgoth says:

      It is.

    2. Razor says:

      You can barely see anything…

  11. MonaD says:

    For 3 plants? No way. Maybe on a DD. *Puts points away*

  12. Razor says:

    LOL, 5€ for 3 bushes? Dear god… EA will never learn.

  13. niac1234 says:

    I’m thoroughly disgusted with EA right now.

    1. brappl says:

      Disgusted…to say the least!! I found almost the exact same plants and more for free on another site. Been playing Sims since 04. Am not buying any more EP’s or SP’s. Stopped with Showtime and have uninstalled all SP’s. All we seem to be getting is remakes of old “stuff” and at premium prices. Further, I am tired of having to uninstall and reinstall every time EA comes out with a new product/patch. Using CC from other sites is part of playing the game and if EA can not come up with a more flexible package I’m not going to facilitate their attempt to monopolize the market. I’d rather put my $$ on donations to sites offering new & unique creations and new worlds.

  14. Conclue says:

    500 dollars for 1 bush with 3 recolors?

    Goodnight nurse.

    LOL Omg. I wouldn’t buy them now if they were 100 just for the sake of it. Goodness.

  15. stephh says:


  16. Seadramon says:

    Sarah says that in ST we will get 3 other colors of the Hibiscus: Red, Pink, Orange. Other new plants will be:
    There are two new coconut palms (one with the bend), a Pongam tree, Frangipani, and something we’re calling “Jungle Brush”

    all infos from SimGuruSara twitter.

  17. Elyssande says:

    500 sp for 3 bushes, seriously?.

    1. maria_loves_alex says:

      considering that they’re also just recours of the bushes we’ll be getting with ST = rip off

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