Sims 3 Store: Hairstyles Simpoint Bundle (Screens)
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These 12 hairstyles come with the current $60 Sims 3 Store Simpoint Bundle. All hairstyles are new, with the exception of the male child’s hairstyle. This hairstyle is called “Alex’s Wig”, and was first introduced to the store with the Everyday Cool Summers Collection, enabled for children.
Screenshot-233 Screenshot-234 Screenshot-235 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-237 Screenshot-238

Screenshot-239 Screenshot-240 Screenshot-241 Screenshot-242 Screenshot-243 Screenshot-244 Screenshot-245 Screenshot-246 Screenshot-247 Screenshot-248 Screenshot-249 Screenshot-250 Screenshot-251 Screenshot-252 Screenshot-253 Screenshot-254 Screenshot-255 Screenshot-256


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  1. freakinbunny says:

    well we are getting kinda curly hair :) seasons has one I’m happy for that I can finally make a sim me :)

  2. Russell says:

    Rubbish? FORGET YOU! Those hairs are 100% perfect for Seasons,it’s worth the 60 Dollars,my opinion

    1. Russell says:

      Oh and at lease it’s more better than those stupid shiny and ugly looking hair in THE SIMS RESOURCE (Only)

      1. Darrell says:

        Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. No need for such an outburst. I happen to agree that most of them look rather silly. There are only about 3 that I would actually use, and to me it may not be worth the price.

    2. ShaneyBoy says:

      You really think 12 virtual hairstyles are worth $60? You must be made of money… wow..

    3. PIGGEH says:

      Yeah..I don’t think so…there are maybe two hairstyles there that I would use…the rest are silly

  3. Russell says:

    my most favorite hair is the side pony tail with the glasses on it,i am going to get it sooner or now

  4. Glenn says:

    Yeah, I’ll pass. Other than the short pixie-ish one, they just look weird to me.

    1. jeLlyBeAn1573 says:

      I think they are suppose to look “weird” for halloween. If you look at the names of each hair they sound like hair to go with costumes! :D
      Lotus Blossom
      The Dancer
      The Princess
      The Ambassador
      Valley Girl
      The Pioneer
      Party in the Back
      Full Moon
      The Smuggler
      Wolf, Where?
      Under Wraps

  5. Camdy8 says:

    I think these hair styles look stupid. I would not be seen dead wearing them. EA you can do better then this. I think you should hire a hairstylist. I for one will not buy them they are not worth the money. I want something more realistic and attractive.

  6. Camdy8 says:

    If they are for Halloween then wear are the costumes?

    1. Russell says:

      yeah,2/3 of the hairs are perfect for halloween,while others are perfect for everyday,i think those hair are perfect

    2. Russell says:

      yup,it’s totally for haloween,it says ‘Get those FRIGHTFUL and HALLOWEEN Hair Styles’

      1. disposeable says:

        Gosh, Russell, chill out why don’t you? You like the hairs, we get it. Other people are allowed an opinion too.

  7. tsminh_3 says:

    some EA ‘s Hair texture is not beautiful.
    But now, I love this
    Texture !!

  8. Jen says:

    Except for the hair covered by the wrap and the other by the bonnet I’m seeing a bevy of hairstyles that with the right outrageous colors would make the perfect 80’s punk/rocker Sim.

  9. Kraven says:

    I Love the shorter hair styles for sure!! 3,4,5,6 are my Favs.. :)

  10. Bella says:

    I totally agree, Aaron.

  11. fleshjenn says:

    I only like 3 of them, the banded pony tail, the princess looking one and the pig tails one. I really like these, I was actually looking for a pig tail one like this just a few days ago. but I dont have 60 to spend right now.

  12. ElderGamer1 says:

    The Bundle was for 6,500 Simpoints for 60.00 plus tax USA. They are the Bonus Gift. I had to make sure myself what the Deal was also. The Holidays are around the corner and we “Simmers” always Gift each other then. I wasn’t rich, I was given a Gift certificate some months ago and saved it. As for “New” Hair…I really doubt that and my guess is they must have made so many sets and hair that got cancelled over the years so EA-Sims can always count on us to buy Sim Stuff…Some of these Hairs are really cute and I hope they look just as good on my Sims…

  13. max says:

    oney female hairsyles except the child hair

  14. SimmerDown says:

    I love these :D Some them are real ugly though! :P

  15. Rae says:

    im not even seeing what type of costumes could go with these horrible hairstyles.. :/

  16. Sock Puppet says:

    The short hairstyle for females is the best. The pigtails one looks like a modified version of the one that comes with Pets (or was it another store item?).

  17. Mychro5 says:

    They all so awesome for Seasons but i hate that i have to pay 60 bucks for them :/

  18. Melanie says:

    Lol wow these are terrible…

  19. Andrwressx says:

    could someone share it with poor simmers??

  20. SimmyGurl says:

    This, in my opinion are good but some of them are kinda weird and few of them, sorry but few of them are ugly, The Smuggler hairstyle or the hairstyle with a colorful hat is REALLY not my type, even for Halloween I won’t use them, though it reminds me of the ‘Therapist’ and brings back the memories of The Sims 2, It really looks ugly and In my opinion, it’s not worth the price.

  21. Lataya e says:

    If u don’t like it shut up they look ok u don’t have to get it and for the person who don’t like the hair at tsr that Ur opinion that u could keep to urself. I for once like both 3 party and ea stuff 60 $ is too much considering separate style are 25-150p so not a fair deal

    1. SIMplyTheBest says:

      YOU shouldn’t tell anyone to “shut up” about anything since we are all here to give opinions. You don’t like what peoples opinions are, then stop reading them yourself. It’s beyond rude to tell others to shut up.
      The hairs ARE UGLY and EA themselves call them “ugly” as another here pointed out :P

  22. gurlgamer05 says:

    Those hairs look nice but they are not worth $60 worth of simpoints just to get :(. I hope they will be made available separately at some point.

  23. Bo Na Na says:

    I only like number 5 the sunglasses one..the rest look really UGLY and pointless, ecspecially number 1. I was expecting somethingin the bundle more for seasons

  24. I just realized the end of the URL is TheSims3storeOct18_internal_StoreSplash_UglyHair

  25. dorkney says:

    For Halloween or not these are ridiculous. I stopped buying SimPoints MONTHS ago because of these “deals.” There are 2 maybe even 3 my Sims would use. Just because they’re for Halloween doesn’t mean they can be outrageous. Damn, just give us stuff for children and toddlers. Adults get more than enough stupid hairs from TSR alone…

  26. Cashejim says:

    They’re just… weird. If they do go with costumes, why not show what they would fit with? On their own, they’re just unappealing. Even the side ponytail is a little strange…

    Except the pixie cut and the pigtails. Those aren’t SO bad. :P

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