Survey Reveals Possible Business & Time Travel EP’s


Thanks to our reader Nathan, we have screens of a brand new survey that reveals new ideas for *possible* future expansion packs. Business & Time Travel anyone?



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  1. coolmatt1019 says:

    why do people want OFB unlike the sims 2 with story Progress it would be harder to have buinesse and less NPC as Well since all NPC are pretty much house
    for occluts for each one i can see
    Spy EXPANSION: No idea
    Outdoor: bigfoot and Plantsim
    Time travel: Wizards And cyborg
    OFB: Super Hero?

    1. coolmatt1019 says:

      Spy: HOLOSIMs
      their holograms

  2. gurlgamer05 says:

    Is it wrong that I want all the EP ideas that have been asked about in the surveys?

    1. Marcella says:

      No, its not wrong. I want them all too :D

    2. Guest says:

      Not at all, Many would probably agree. I like all these new, fresh ideas, and the potential they bring to the table. My only thing is I don’t see how Outdoors Time Travel and Spy could be stand alone games, if they coupled the Vaction Time Idea and the Outdoors idea, and maybe threw Time Travel and Spys together? Point of factm isn’t there a book in the writing career that is about a time spy?

  3. karencrumplebottom says:

    I want all the expansion packs i can get. This sounds good =]

  4. Rich N Crispy says:

    These all sound awesome! I would love to play the Secret Agent one with secret rooms and stuff! But I would love to play any of them!

  5. Windmill says:

    My ideas for creatures!!!
    Business EP: Elf
    Spy EP: Ghost Spy
    Outdoor EP: Bigfoot
    Time Machine EP: Dragon/Dinosaur

    University EP: Super Hero
    Island EP: Mermaid
    Farming EP: Scarecrow
    Billionaire EP: Leprechaun
    TV Reality EP: Cupid
    Theme Park EP: Tragic Clown

    Please ask me if you have questions about my ideas!

    1. Zappyo says:

      I think that university will have Mersims b/c of the mermaid costume and I’ve seen pictures with Mersim sculptures

      1. Windmill says:

        That doesn’t proof anything! There was a sculpture of a unicorn in Ambitions EP, but the next creatures were vampires from Late Night EP(NOT UNICORN!), and after Generations EP, we finally have unicorns with Pets EP!
        I don’t know, maybe the mermaid will come with University EP, but it will be not a great idea for a College themed EP! For me the best idea was to have aliens(but they are coming with Seasons EP), for nerdy style brotherhood. So now I think the superheroes should be introduced. :D

        1. T. says:

          I think mermaid statues have been around since base game. And I remeber putting one in a giant aquarium I was building in game, more than an year ago.

          1. T. says:

            *submited previous comment by mistake…¬¬*
            I really liked you super hero idea, it would be freaking awesome to have super heros in game, as well as a Dragon or a Griffon for the Time Machine EP.

          2. Windmill says:

            Thank you T.
            Unfortunately there something that bothers me about the superheroes. I found this blog, that EA says we are not going to have superheroes in our games… :( So, now I don’t have any idea what the next creature is going to be :( Hopefully they change their mind!

          3. pilouuuu says:

            It just says that they didn’t include Superheroes in Ambitions because they wanted to focus on the careers. We could get them now. After all we already have a town full of zombies… We need someone to protect our sims from them!

          4. Guest says:

            I’d like to see a mythical animal beyond unicorns in the game, not every occult has to be a playable sim lifestate, does it? I really wish they’d included dragons in either PETS or SP, but oh well.

    2. Razor says:

      I really like the Tragic Clown idea! :mrgreen:

    3. Tash says:

      I kinda think that the Super Hero would be a better fit for the “Secret Identity” expansion (honestly, that’s kind of what I thought it was going to be about from the first two lines).

      How about the return of Plant Sims for Uni instead?

  6. Ginveraia says:

    What I want to know is where can I take this survey to? I’d love to stick my vote in.

  7. gurlgamer05 says:

    Windmill, I like all your creature ideas. Where’s Simguru Graham when you need him?! Lol

    1. Windmill says:

      Haha, Thank you gurlgamer05!!!
      I am sure that the developers have better ideas. I have to admit that we share the same ideas as EA for mermaids and scarecrows(according to the surveys). :D

  8. MSladyTSO says:

    Oh I was so happy to see that they are thinking about a Business EP! More than anything, I’ve missed being able to build businesses (both home and commercial), and to sell the things our Sims make, hire employees, run the business or home business. To me this would make the Sims experience complete – it’s been so strange for our Sims not to have any involvement with retail. And I’ve missed that they havent been able to go to restaurants and sit down and order. I loved that! Sims has so many items that could be sold in businesses now – paintings, sculptures, potions, gems, nectar, honey, vegetables…. we need to be able to can food to sell and to make bakery items as well. I LOVE this idea and hope so much it evolves into an EP!

  9. venus says:

    I really want a sim version of farmville 2, but that is just me,…

    1. pilouuuu says:

      Hey, I was thinking about Harvest Moon too! Yes, I can’t believe how in the greatest life simulator we still don’t get the chance to have a farm. We need a Farming EP in The Sims 3! And with Business it’d get even better!

      1. venus says:

        i agree 110% i think it will so much fun, farming and selling all our goods and adding more, like jewelery making skill, and be able to open up a business, like painters/sculptures can have their own art gallery, and good cook can have a restaurant,

        1. venus says:

          and so on, … it will be so much fun.. love it..

      2. Samis says:

        Yes. I would love Farming expansion for TS3. :)

      3. Guest says:

        I have a combined Business and Farming EP idea floting around the Sims 3 Ideas & Feedback forum. Farming, after all, is a annual Billion Dollar Business too.

  10. loryah says:

    I hope it will be “business”. “Open for business” miss me sooooo much !
    even if time travel sounds good too.

  11. pilouuuu says:

    Business would be amazing! It was my favourite EP in TS2 alongside seasons because it bring a needed “sim” part to the game. It’s great creating your own store and managing it, hiring people. It’d be even better in TS3 with the ability to put ads for you store around town (maybe making TV spots too?).

    Long live to The Sims 3!

  12. n00biito says:

    If they are willing to make all of them into EPs, I’d say go ahead but if I had to choose I’d go with Business and Outdoors. We really need to get rid of the stupid rabbit holes and in TS2 OFB added a lot in therms of game-play.

    Time Travelling and Spies are novel ideas but I’d like some “normal” stuff that we can use all the time first. Things like eating at restaurants, go grocery shopping in an actual stores, a bakery or flower arrangement shops. It’s still upsetting we don’t have actual hotels, those were fun in TS2. I also miss the ability to have a sim have a business on the first floor of their lot while they live upstairs.

    More activities also sound like a lot of fun. Kayaking? Wow, amazing. At least I’d have the illusion of a holiday EP if they’re not going to make one.

    There are many, many surveys with plenty of great ideas. I pretty much like all of them with the exception of reality tv show and the luxury lifestyle. Those are rather boring things to play and we already are capable of simulating that in the game without an EP. I hate the idea of inheritance. They must add it with the proper consequences! You can’t “inherit” something without someone DYING! That’s so superficial and sociopathic, I’m foaming at the mouth just thinking about it.

  13. nicole says:

    wow, I like all of these… I wish we could have them all ;P

  14. Time travel sounds the most interesting to be honest

  15. Camynnini says:

    Me, meee!!! I definitely want business. DEH -FEH- NEH -TEH -LEEEH!!

  16. Ryan says:

    Isn’t there already a time machine that you can build as a inventor on Ambitions? I wonder how they will clash if this becomes a real thing.

  17. SikSouthernTink says:

    Wow! Those ideas sound AWESOME!!! I would buy them all!

  18. IliveInParis says:

    OMG, these eps look too good to be true!!! But if not all of them come out, the two I am most looking forward to are spy ep and time travel, but that second one might be too complicated for my mac :S
    Outdoor living and business look cool too!
    I’m jut soooooooo happy :D

    1. IliveInParis says:

      Though if I had to choose to buy only one I would choose spy life!!! but I then again, they all look so awesome!!! :D

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