Sims 3 Store: Thursday Premium Content Sneak Peek!
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SimGuruTaterTot has shared a sneak peek at this week’s premium content!


Here’s a special blog from designer Alan Copeland introducing the Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill, a part of the Itadakimasu! Japanese-Inspired Dining Set available Thursday, November 1st exclusively on the Sims 3 Store!
Are you excited about the recently announced Wood Fire Oven that’s part of The Sims 3 Monte Vista? Yeah, me too! The Wood Fire Oven is just one of the Premium Content items that are coming your way over the next several months. Today I want to introduce you to another exciting object that will be out very soon. It not only introduces a bunch of exclusive new recipes, but also gives your Sims the ability to entertain people by performing exciting cooking tricks! Check out the Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill below!

The Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill

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  1. aero87 says:


  2. Charlie says:

    Sorry, I meant to say I hope that there is a NPC spawned to run this item if it is placed on a community lot, but that MY sim will have the option to moonlight as the chef when her skill is high enough.

  3. Brue says:

    S.O.B.!!!! I just spent all of my simpoints today :(….. I wish I remembered that news stuff was coming out :(

  4. Jen says:

    Hopefully like other grills placed on community lots, other sims will interact with it so you can sit back and enjoy the show. And snag some free food.

  5. Hellocupcake says:

    It would be dope if we could get real restaurants (no rabbit holes) back. I miss them.

  6. gurlgamer05 says:

    This looks awesome! I hope that it spawns an NPC chef or that sims on community lots will interact with it. Is anyone else planning to make a hibachi type community lot?

  7. Guest says:

    This looks cool, an like alot of players, I hope it is functional on a community lot, so we could at least pretend it is a restaurant. Ike what they are soing in the store. It’d just be nice to see like office themed deco too, not everything has to be a flower vase.

  8. Erika says:

    Well, not wat i was expecting at all, but looks awesome enough to satisfy me xD

    Now question for all you long time simmers,
    remember this item from the sims bustin out!

  9. Conclue says:

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Dissapointed in the lack of content in the past couple months and the need to market other PC to get you to buy a world. We’ll buy a world anyway. :/

    dissapointed in no halloween set. Hopefully Seasons comes with more than just a pumpkin for decorations, cuz I haven’t seen any other than the scarecrow. Whats in the store isn’t enough for me (for free) SMH EA!

    If this doesn’t work on a community lot and spawn an NPC, I’m not interested. Same goes for the woodstove. I’m not putting 3 different types of stoves in my sims kitchens to eat all those foods, LOL

    I hope they know that! LOL Otherwise, yes… I’d get it. Just don’t get why the store team seems to be creating everything other than what’s constantly requested.

    Like where the hell is the CLP set allready? Now I want a bear rug, box of chocolate, picnic basket and heart shaped hot tub (or was it a bed) either way. LOL

    1. catloverplayer says:

      I keep hoping the love set will be released and still nothing after they teased us with the easter egg in the volcano in Sunlit Tides. Boy it could work for the online dating feature.

    2. Guest says:

      um, Conclue, there’s already a picnic basket in the game. As for the rest *shrugs* Anyone’s guess on who/what/when/where we’ll get things. Oddly I hope this comes with different kitchen counters, lol.

    3. SapphireDCM says:

      Maybe the love set will come out around Valentine’s Day.

  10. taizhu says:

    Squeee!!! Thats an awesome set–will go great in my japanese style world. Can’t wait till Thurs–I will definitely buy. So glad EA finally learned how to make good store CC.

  11. Jacqueline Palmer says:

    XD OMG… I’ve been dying for this for like ever… Teppanyaki IS DELICIOUS!!!

    I’ve always wanted to make a restaurant with that grill in Sims 3… O.o I can’t wait…

    And the wood stove, I’ll be able to make an Italian-like restaurant… XD Ahahaha… oh the possibilities with Sims 3!!

  12. pilouuuu says:

    Amazing! I also want it to have an NPC in community lots, but even if it’s not, then maybe it’s a hint that we’ll have proper restaurants soon (hopefully with University).

    And this also makes me want a Business EP too. I miss hiring my restaurant staff and choosing their clothes and building and decorating my restaurant… Ow… Good memories! And it also makes me want to have that Farming EP from the surveys! Being able to cook better products or selling your farm products to the local restaurant…

    I get the feeling that The Sims 3 is getting better and better!

    1. Heather says:

      IKR? It gets better every month.. just when I had lost all my hopes on Sims 3 they keep pulling out amazing stuff week after week

  13. catloverplayer says:

    No venue is coming with this. This is a Japeneese Set.

    1. Amy says:

      I like this part of that response: “And while it isn’t a new venue, it is part of the Itadakimasu! Japanese-Inspired Dining Set, so you can certainly make your own.”

      Hmm…make our own venue?

      Well I can using Buzzler’s Build/Buy Restriction Choker mod or Inge’s ticket machine for residential lots to make a home business, but is this a hint about a possible OFB pack? I hope so.

      Because without mods…you really can’t make a working restaurant venue. I mean you can use the WA food registers (which can also be enhanced with Ani’s Shop From Inventory Mod), but you can’t cook on community lots without Buzzler’s mod. It takes some finagling to also make a proper home restaurant with the registers, and isn’t worth the trouble.

  14. YoungOldPrude says:

    I hope that they will release the ceremonial tea set to go with it. That tea set was my favorite thing from TS2 Bon Voyage; I could never build a home without including it.

  15. ibce says:

    I’ll drop it into a fusion lounge, perfect.

  16. Gucio92 says:

    Masterchef is coming to our Sims world :)

  17. Yannick says:

    Amazing! Maybe a hint for a bussines expansion? Maybe when you this content have installed, can you start a japanese Restaurant?

    1. pilouuuu says:

      And an italian restaurant with the Montevista oven! I definitely think they’re making a Business EP. We seriously need it!

  18. lilsis3421 says:

    omg! finally, a teppanyaki!

  19. Evanesims says:


  20. MonaD says:

    The poses are beautiful. I love it. I want to make a cute venue with this set.

  21. mimine says:

    It looks really awesome ! I hope that you can put in on a community lot and that a nPC will run it, so we’ll be able to have finally some kind of real restaurants..

  22. TLK4EVR says:

    Looks awesome, but still wishing for restaurants with NPC cooks and waiters.

  23. Guest says:

    So does anyone know how many simoleons this is going to cost us?

  24. Cherry says:

    It look awesome! I gonna get it from TS3 Store and add it to my mini kitchen! Finally it can look different… I wonder will it be available in Residence Lot?

  25. KohakuKun says:

    It would be even better it there was a kotatsu. I have been wishing and hoping for the lonngest, but then again if all goes well with this set plus seasons, my sims fix will be sated for the long run.

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