Sims 3 Store: Changing Tables Coming Soon!
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SimGuruTaterTot (yum!) has shared a sneak peek photo for upcoming Store Content. What looks to be a new children’s furniture set, will also include the brand new Changing Table premium content! The Store is due to release new content tomorrow, and TaterTot has confirmed that it will be released then.




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  1. Amanda says:

    This is pretty cool to hear. I only wish they would have had a sale on Simpoints. I’m sure my 360 won’t buy this set.

  2. Jess1281 says:

    …Finally…. I guess “Better late then Never” applies here. I don’t get it. It is nice they are stepping up more useful PC in the store, but like so many have said, why wasn’t in the base game? I guess players complaining enough swayed them to add it, as they probably originally had no intensions of add this without all our complaining!

    • Rae says:

      They don’t really care how much we complain. Until people vote with their money, they will never get the point. People racing out to buy this ast full price on day one only perpetuate the problem. I’m not telling people how to spend their money, but awareness is important.

  3. Erika says:

    This is SWEET, Dang nice change of pace although anything related to food is awesome in my opinon.

  4. Coco-sause says:

    Finally a modern baby set, I hate the the base games ones as they don’t fit into a theme

  5. POpo says:


  6. Autumn says:

    Def not buying, just adds another chore to the game like laundry.

  7. leolovesred says:

    IKR AUTUMN. Sounds cool, but not for me

  8. catloverplayer says:

    Now if we could get some strollers that hold twins and triplets that would be awesome.

    • Arletta says:

      They’d need to fix the whole stroller not going uphill for that to happen.

      • Daethaqt says:

        I Agree, Whats up with Sims taking three steps just to pick the child up walk two steps, put the child back in the stroller walk tree more steps and repeat until reaches destination!!

  9. Andrew says:

    Look next to the changing table, is that a baby monitor???

    • catloverplayer says:

      Possibly or a new phone.

      On a side note I’m glad the sims team is back at work and anxiously await a fix for the mypage issues. I haven’t been able to see my studio,update my blog or change my goodies in weeks.

      Other people can see my studio but all I see is Liam and Sorry we can’t process or something like that.

  10. maria_loves_alex says:

    Finally! hopefully babies can have their nappies changed on it and it comes with some new clothing for toddlers. I also hope the early bird special will be good.

  11. Charlie says:

    I’m just happy the sets not covered in stencil you can’t remove. I will wait to see the videos of how it works before I voice my opinion on the items. I have a cc changing table just to decorate the room and its a lot cuter, so this table better actually have some decent interactions to it.

  12. Daethaqt says:

    Must Have!!

  13. Toto Caca says:

    I don’t play with boring babies, that’s why I also think this should have been included in the base game. Now I have to wait another more month to get an actually interesting premium content.

  14. amberindia says:

    With the inclusion of this “useful” object, let’s hope there is a check to control this “promiscuity everywhere” business! Till then Sims 3 is just a glorified $ex game!

    This is a good start to a new year, though miffed it is through $$$tore an not Expansion pack/stuff pack! Sims 3 is not a Momma or Moral Science teacher but still promiscuity everywhere is so wrong!! 50% of demographics do not involve in promiscuity, it is not apparent as they are not Gaga or Perry or mainstream. They should rephase the family oriented trait to put a check to promiscuity!! A Family oriented “person” will not accept unwanted advances nor will they initiate one, not because they are unflirty, it’s just that they love their spouse more!

  15. StephBE says:

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. :D It’ll be more fun to have toddlers with this, just hope it includes clothes too!

  16. MARTY says:

    OHH! It’s soo awesome! We needed some toddler stuff! :)

  17. SimLuvu says:

    This is probabley one of the best store packs! Finally! We can change our children! XD

  18. Chris says:

    Isn’t this changing table a different design than The Sims 2?

    If so, then this makes the argument that it belongs to the base game/expansion pack void.

    Plus, I’m fairly sure it includes extra functions too than just changing a toddler’s diapers. We’ll find out later today.

    Until then, you can choose to buy or not to buy, but obviously the choice is to NOT buy simpoints if you want to voice your discontent with the store.

    Buying simpoints, but choosing to not buy certain content isn’t going to change anything because EA already has your money.

    • Chris says:

      To add on, they finally release toddler/child related stuff too in the Store, which HAS been lacking and the last release was November 2011.

      So I’m kind of content with the fact they finally released another one this time.

  19. SimmyGurl says:

    I don’t think EA is being greedy. You know, They also need to pay Hundreds of workers, plus The electricity for computers. Sometimes they’re really being greedy but let’s understand them, They’re now making good stuffs. My opinion only. :)

  20. Toto Caca says:

    Too bad it’s not a new woo-hoo place.
    (just sayin’ it to annoy moralist trolls)

    • AmberIndia says:

      Jus’ because your name is $hitty kaka doesn’t mean you are entitled to your opinion. Queue B!tch! Queen B!tch!

    • Jess1281 says:

      Yeah, cause we totally need more woo-hoo spots, right?(Sarcasm)

      • totocaca says:

        Actually, my original sentence about new woohoo spots was ALREADY sarcastic… So sarcasm on sarcasm only makes it sound like a big loud fail.
        We don’t need moralist blahblah on a website about sims. And Im being polite here, unlike some persons…

    • totocaca says:

      You guys should try something called humour…
      “Gna gna gna” I insult every one who doesn’t agree with me, and then I claim to be a moral model. Just do us a favor and die.

      • AmberIndia says:

        aye, I am insulted ’cause a 30-Y-O who acts like a 12-Y-O called me a troll! This site is not made for name calling!

        • Toto Caca says:

          Oh yes? Then Why do you keep doing it, then?

          I act the way I want, not by submitting to anybody’s stupid moral standards,for instance people who come trolling on video game forums about vertue. What you do is called trolling, deal with it.

          What I do is humor (big news! not everybody has the same!), and I can use it at any age, because of a little thing called freedom and independence of mind.

          Don’t be so jealous, it makes you insult people.

  21. BDee says:

    I am so happy about this new set! Finally something that most of us Simmers have been asking for since the base game for Sims 3 came out. As for the EA store, I don’t have a problem with buying stuff from the EA store, the prices for other sites are just as much if not more! I use to play WOW and that game can really get expensive especially since you have to pay $15 per month just to play it and all those extras that costs you too, so for my view I’m glad to see people have jobs at EA and if having to pay for stuff at the Sims store for my Simmies is the way to get new content, then that’s fine with me, but this is only my opinion.

    • Jezzer says:

      What WoW “extras”? A handful of mounts and vanity pets? The three EPs? Blizzard releases an EP every few years, and in between EPs releases a ton of free content updates and additions. Compare that to EA, who charges for all content and doles out their precious premium items in order to have as many separate EPs, SPs, and Store Sets as possible. You could buy almost every item in the Blizzard store and still have enough left over for groceries. Try that with the EA Store, and you’ll be taking out a second mortgage.

  22. Peoinee says:

    I still want a playpen for infants and toddlers the changing table isnt something i really missed

  23. Cloroxclean says:

    I will definitely be getting simpoints just so I can purchase this set. I have been waiting for toddler/ infant themed items and I’m glad we got them. Just please don’t let it be over 2,000 simpoints.

  24. Hermione says:

    First of all: Yay! Finally a toddler set. And the changing table looks pretty epic!
    Second: I practically know that its the ultra lounge toddlers set because it looks so much like the typical ultra lounge style :)

  25. deedee says:

    Oh, no! Pescado will bring the baby roaster back!

  26. Dana says:

    What time will they be releasing the set?

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