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On July 22nd, 2014, EA will discontinue the current tech support for The Sims 2 and its expansions. For players who own The Sims 2 as a digital game in the Origin client, you will now see a brand new version of your games: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. It is unknown at this time if/when this version will be available for all players.

Dear Origin gamer, 

Your current version of The Sims 2 will lose technical support on 22 July 2014. We want you to have the most up-to-date version of The Sims 2 in your collection, so you will see a brand new addition to your Origin library: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

This is the most up-to-date version of The Sims 2 and the version that is still supported by Origin. It also features a lot more content than you may already have in your current version ofThe Sims 2.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection will appear in your Origin library automatically. You’ll need to download and install it to your computer to play it.

You’re free to continue playing your existing version of The Sims 2, but please note that it is an older edition of the game that will soon lose technical support. To continue receiving support on your progress of The Sims 2 – including Sims characters, houses, etc. — you will need to transfer your save files of The Sims 2 to the Ultimate Edition. To learn more about backing up your data, please visit http://help.ea.com/en/article/backing-up-your-sims-2-files/.

Once you’ve migrated your Sims’ lives to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, you can better organize your Origin game library by hiding your previous version of The Sims 2. Click on the tile for The Sims 2 in your Game Library for the option to hide it. If you need additional directions, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for your continuing passion for The Sims.



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  1. Rose says:

    Why did they remove The Sims 2 from the Origin store anyway?

    1. SimsVeteran says:

      Pretty good question! Sometimes EA’s head seems to be stuck at the wrong place.

    2. dylan says:

      i dont know but you will be happy to know that if you contact EA support and ask them to add it to your origin account, they will do it :) (you need your serial number)

      1. Tommy says:

        How do you contact them, and what do you mean by a serial number.

  2. Suzi says:

    I received the email but The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection wasn’t available in my Origin. After a quick search I found this from an EA community manager:

    “The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is being added to Simmers right now, and if you have received this email you will find yours added to your library within the next 5 days.

    We are currently also working on an FAQ to answer some of the general questions regarding The Sim 2 Ultimate Collection. As soon as it is ready we will post it of course.”

    Quote taken from here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin/The-Sims-2-Ultimate-Collection-not-in-Origin-Library/m-p/3132030

    1. I have an orgin account I own Sims 2 double deluxe, Sims 2 University life collection, Sims 2 Best of business collection, Sims 2 fun with Pets Collection , Sims 2 Seasons, Sims 2 Bon voyage, Sims 2 Freetime, Sims 2 Apartment Life, & Sims 2 Glamour life…the only ones that have their codes redeemed are Sims 2 double deluxe , Sims 2 university life collection, and Sims 2 Glamour life. I want all my games to work…so what do I do?

  3. Jacqui says:

    Well, I’ve contacted EA to say that Bon Voyage and Pets won’t show up on Origin. I was told that they are not supported with DD versions, despite what I was told earlier. So now, the list of games that they are supporting for me, is Double Deluxe, Freetime, Seasons, and randomly, my Glamour Life SP is still there.

    1. You just brought my attention to that…as well, I don’t have bon Voyage or pets either? Hmmm.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have The Sims 2 and Sims 2 Pets on Origin. Not sure if I bought them there or added them as it’s been quite some time since then but I did receive an email.

    Btw, thanks for the info Suzi, I was wondering when we’d receive it.

  5. ladyangua says:

    So is this only for digital copies? what is you have the discs?

    1. Laurenn says:

      Hey If you have the discs and the codes contact EA :) I did that today gave them the code for my sims 2 disc and they gave me a code for the ultimate collection :D:D

  6. aero87 says:

    This is the best Sims news I’ve heard all year. I had bought the Sims 2 Double Deluxe from Origin awhile back after losing my Nightlife cd. But I had also lost some of the other physical discs I had and couldn’t purchase them on Origin since they stopped carrying them. Plus, I’ve always wanted Freetime, Apartment Life, and the Happy Holidays stuff pack. Christmas really did come in July this year. :)

      1. Ellie says:

        Not for me :( Dont have TS2 but want Ulitimate Collection SOOOOO bad :(

  7. Belle1951 says:

    I hope it’s available for all users even if we have to purchase it! :) All this Sims 4 actually makes me want to go backwards to Sims 2 but I’m an old school gamer I actually gave up my wii for a GameCube ^-^ Love Sims bustin out

    1. deshong04 says:

      Did you just say that backwards? Or did you really give up your Wii for a Gamecube because the Wii is backward compatible and can play most or all Gamecube games. In fact I still play RE4, Mario Kart Double Dash, LoZ: Twilight Princess, etc on my Wii. Even though I still have my Gamecube, it’s not hooked up right now.

      1. mathias von darkmoor says:

        Not all Wiis are backward compactible in fact Wiis that are backwards compatible will have the “Wii” logo printed vertically under the disc slot and Wiis that are not backwards compatible will have the “Wii” logo printed horizontally between the SD card slot and the “Eject” button such as the Blue edition Wii and New Super Mario Bros edition Wii

      2. Belle1951 says:

        The wii wouldn’t hold my memory card, I had to use a piece of cardboard to make it fit :/

      3. deshong04 says:

        Oh yeah, lol. Forgot not all systems are backwards compatible.

        My gamecube memory cards fit and if it didn’t I would have contacted support for a faulty system and see if they would allow me to trade it for another one or they fix it. I remember I bought a brand new PS3 but when I hooked it up it didn’t work. So I went to Gamestop told them the situation and showed them the receipt and they traded my faulty PS3 for another new one that did work.

        Same thing with the Xbox 360 when it got the red ring of death. I shipped that to the Microsoft repair center and they couldn’t fix it so they switched with a brand new one. If something isn’t working as intended that is what customer service is for but some would rather not deal with that so it’s just different for everyone. For me, when I want something, I get so determined until the problem is fixed. Like that time I bought a digital camera and the carrying case that came with it was too small the camera didn’t fit so I called and they told me they would send me a free one that does fit.

        And believe me I am not the type of person that enjoys talking on the phone either. I’m kind of shy and socially awkward but that doesn’t stop me when I want something done right.

        I had EA customer support contact me and they told me as long as you have TS2 registered in your Origins game library, you will receive TS2 Ultimate Collection. But they said it will take some time for it to show up for some so be patient. If it’s not in your library by the 22nd/23rd then call them.

  8. Amanda C. says:

    I didn’t even know they were still supporting the game. Luckily, I haven’t had any problems. I got the e-mail and TS2 is the game I play, but I’m unsure if I’ll be downloading this. I have all the SPs and EPs and some store content. I’m afraid that, somehow, it will mess up my game.

    1. Amanda C. says:

      Note that my e-mail was in the spam folder.

  9. IvyEC says:

    To answer everyone’s question. If you registered the base game of the sims 2 onto EA games a long long time ago, you would have received the email for the sims 2 ultimate collection. It did not need to be a digital copy. My mom received the email and her sims 2 copy was a hard copy with all 4 discs. It is said that it will contain all ep’s, not so sure about sp’s yet.

    All you double deluxe people, I’m not sure how to help you there. Sorry.

    1. wolfsilveroak says:

      Not to be contrary, but this is not obviously the case for everyone.

      I register every EP, SP and the Holiday edtion of the base game, as I bought them, through the EA website. I have NOT received an email about this. I work from home and check my email regularly, which includes my spam folder and there has been nothing thus far.

      So it would appear, if you/we have the Deluxe edition- or as in my case, the Holiday edition- we may not actually get an email and/or this Ultimate Collection edition.

      1. computerlife22 says:

        You do technically qualify for the Ultimate Edition, however. If it doesn’t appear in your Origin library by July 22, just shoot a message over EA’s help site and they can add it for you.

        1. wolfsilveroak says:

          That’s actually what I was planning- IF I remember to, that is. Heh.

      2. CheriDunk says:

        I did not have the base game installed and registered on Origin. All I had registered on Origin was Sims 2 Apartment Life and Mansion stuff pack. I did receive the e-mail and the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection in my Origins account. I think if you have any Sims 2 expansion packs or stuff packs registered on Origin you get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

  10. sunquo says:

    OMG…I just check Origin and the Ultimate Collection is in my Library. I still can’t believe it! :)

    1. computerlife22 says:

      It just got put into my library too!! I didn’t think it would be that quick!

      1. 1234 says:

        Did you registered your game today? Or was it already registered and you got the e-mail before?

        1. sunquo says:

          I registered my games on EA, as I got them, years ago, before Origin even existed. I didn’t receive any email and I didn’t have any digital sims 2 games.

          1. wolfsilveroak says:

            That’s where I’m at as well. }:/

  11. Jonah Falcon says:

    What if you bought The Sims 2 before Origin?

    1. sunquo says:

      See above…I’m guessing if the games are registered, you’re entitled… but I’m guessing.

    2. Mitch Hawks says:

      It depends. If you contacted EA previously to register non-origin copies of the game, then you should receive it.

    3. I have the original copy of the sims 2 from when it first came out. I contacted an advisor through the live chat. They had me take a picture of the game disk the serial number and a piece of paper with the date, my name and signature and then they gave me a key to the sims 2 ultimate collection.

      1. Micky says:

        I have the same situation. Can you give me a link to the live chat? I can’t find it.

        1. Amber says:

          Just look up EA’s customer support and go through all the steps to identify your problem and they’ll hook you up with live chat!

  12. Ben says:

    What if I purchased the original disc and never added it to origin until today? Will I still be eligible or will I need to have added it before today? I purchased the base game when it first came out just never added it to origin until I heard about this.

    Would love to know if I’m eligible.

    1. Amber says:

      You should be! If you don’t receive it contact them!

  13. Jamie says:

    my game wont install any ideas

  14. Slyan says:

    My question is, that i registered my sims 2 today (because when i was about 13 i didnt) and my ea account and origin account has the same email, but in origin i cant see sims 2. Do you think i still have a chance to get the ultimate edition? :S

  15. Samantha says:

    I’ve tried twice to try and get it into my library. It says I have the sims 2 store edition even though I have physical copies D:<

  16. kaihampo says:

    i only had apartment life and i got it YAY

  17. Bernice says:

    i don’t know what happend!!! please help me….i bout the dvd version not buy it through origion.

    well…..i can start the game started but i can’t find any town avalible in the game!! i heard someone had only installed the sim2 base game and can play all the expansion pack and the stuff game ,

    i only got sim2 double deluxe (nightlife + base game), and after i installed it. the game show the “night life expansion” and “Mansion & Garden Stuff” contents.

    i really crave to play it !!so could any one help me…please!!!!!!!!

  18. Stefanie Lui says:

    I just stuck in the page which let me choose a neighborhood to play,does anyone know how to solve this issue? Anyone have the same issue?

    1. Shannon says:

      I’ve been having the same issue, but in the Create-A-Sim menu. When I press the button to add a Sim, it freezes up and the game crashes. Any ideas on how to fix it?

      1. Magnus says:

        Same thing with me in create a sim it crashes.

        1. Magnus says:

          I play the game on a laptop is that why it crashes?

  19. MurfeeL says:

    I am SO happy EA’s doing this; I have Double Deluxe. around 2 years ago I tried moving my TS2 games to Origin and EA said they couldn’t do it cuz TS2 wasn’t being supported. >_<

    I finally got it registered at Origin, and they gave me the Ultimate Collection, too! *happy dance*

  20. Amber says:

    Seriously, if you’re having troubles or you’re unsure about it, just contact EA. They will ask you for verification and your games code and will immediately send you a copy of the Ultimate Collection, its such an simple and quick process.

  21. Britt says:

    There is now a code you can use to redeem a copy no hassle. Click Origin -> Redeem and enter “I Love the Sims” without quotes.

    Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/07/23/get-the-sims-2-ultimate-collection-for-free.aspx

  22. Damn… 12gb worth… -_-

  23. Alicia says:

    i downloaded it, but when i click play nothing happens. i’ve tried the repair game option but same results. am i the only one having this problem?help!!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I got The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection but when I try to open it nothing happens. It’s so frustrating!

  25. Sara says:

    I got the game to start after downloading it, but when I get to the neighborhoods screen it’s completely blank. I tried redownloading it and it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

    1. Walker says:

      having the same issue, i have no idea how to solve it !

  26. “EA will discontinue the current tech support for The Sims 2 and its expansions” I even understand end technical support, by the time the game was released, but why stop selling the game on origin?
    why remove the game from the store? I unfortunately lost the “promotion”.
    In my social circle I’m the only person who likes the sims. And so I even learned that the game was free. And I do not enter more in video game sites. Geez …
    If the game with all expansions were costing $ 200, I’d buy without a doubt and I’m sure that people who lost the game for free, would do the same thing. Please EA re-sells the sims 2 in origin.

  27. Diggy says:

    How do I play sims university on the sims 2 ultimate collection

    1. SunnySkies says:

      Hi Diggy, The university is already in the game. After you load the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, you’ll see The “university” in the upper part of the screen, just ready to be added to the game. All you have to do is click on that and it will load up for you!

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