Sims 3 Store: Non-English Cucumber Fix

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Non-English players who purchased the newest Store set, Brunch at the Old Mill, may have encountered a problem when trying to plant their cucumbers. SimGuruCopeland has announced on the Forums that this issue has now been resolved.

In order to get the fix to work, you will need to uninstall and download the Grandma’s Canning Station Premium Content item individually and reinstall it. You don’t need to uninstall the entire set for this fix. If you own a lot of Store content or you are simply having problems finding the canning station download the Grandma’s Canning Station, select it and hit ‘Install’ in the Launcher. This will go through the actions of installing the item. You will recieve a message informing you that the item is already installed. If you go to the Installed Content tab within your Launcher the canning station should now be at the top of the list. Select that and hit ‘Uninstall’. Return to your Downloads tab and reinstall the canning station. Please note that any pre-existing cucumber plants in your game will still not work, you will have to replant them.


Cucumber Fix