Rachybop Reviews The Sims 3 Island Paradise


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BabbyLegs Plays The Sims 3 Island Paradise


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Sims 3 Store: In Game Freebies

Get in game and snatch up these freebies while you can! Kudos to SteveMyBear for the tip!

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Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


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Lazy Game Reviews: 25% Off Island Paradise


For those who may not know, Lazy Game Reviews (aka: Phreakindee), has his own Gaming Shop. For those interested in purchasing The Sims 3 Island Paradise, it is currently 25% off at LGR’s store. Not only will you be playing Island Paradise in no time, you will also be supporting what only LGR does best.


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Amazon: Select The Sims 3 Games for $10 (Digital)


Who doesn’t love a good sale on great games?! Amazon has listed The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay, The Sims 3 Generations, The Sims 3 Monte Vista, The Sims 3 PetsThe Sims 3 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, and many other games, on sale for $10! This sale applies only to the digital versions of the game.


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Island Paradise: Unlocking Uncharted Islands

Isla Paradiso is surrounded by 8 Hidden Uncharted Islands. These islands are covered in fog, and can be unlocked by completing certain actions in game. Once unlocked, these islands become part of your active household’s real estate as the fog recedes. They can be used as 2nd homes, or even converted into resorts for profit.
For more information on Island Paradise and its features, see our Sims 3 Island Paradise Game Guide.

❗ If your household moves to a new town, it would be beneficial to sell these properties prior to moving. Once you move your active household to a new town, all real estate is removed the household.
❗ To unlock all uncharted islands for your current household without completing any of the requirements, you can use the following cheat: DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands


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Resident Entertainment Reviews Island Paradise


The Sims 3 has been out on PC for a few years now but EA and Maxi’s are still creating new uses and experiences for players to continually return to the Sims 3. Island Paradise is the newest of the expansions for the Sims 3 and I have to say does well to breathe new life into the game. I have been living in Isla Paradiso for some time now and I haven’t felt for a single moment that I want to leave. The island paradise expansion has so much to offer the player that they will be spending hours, upon hours, exploring Isla Paradiso.



People who play Sims 3 or just people that know the Sims 3 already know it’s a great fun game. So naturally you get all the great gameplay features that the Sims 3 offers. These include all the fun things such as visiting random places in your neighbourhood, getting a job, learning to cook and even falling in love and starting a family. All these things are available in the expansion but under a different setting.




Tutorial: Building Diving Lots in Other Worlds

If you want a full blown, step by step tutorial for building Dive Lots in other worlds, Sims 3 player Weealbet has you covered! This 32 minute video will explain in full detail how to create your own diving lots in other worlds for your Sims to Scuba Dive in.

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Smosh Plays The Sims 3 Island Paradise


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