Origin Update – 2/24/13


For those who use Origin’s Download Manager, there is a new update available today. The full version after update will be – 214647. 
(Version before Update: – 209696)




Sims 3 Aurora Skies Info & Screens

The Sims 3 Aurora Skies info post is now available for your viewing pleasure! The info post includes all premium content, create a sim, and world screenshots.Head on over to the Sims 3 Store World Guide, and click Aurora Skies’ tab!

Sims 3 Store World Guide



Seasons Cloud Glitch & Aurora Skies


I have been working on the Aurora Skies post since last night, and due to an unfortunate “cloud” glitch, I was not able to finish it all. (No worries though, I’m almost done!) I spent two hours last night trying to figure out why I had absolutely no “Northern Lights” action, and thanks to the wonderful Tom and Annabelle, I learned that Seasons has “cloud glitch“. This is an issue in every world, but in Aurora Skies, these clouds are important.
If you have Seasons and Aurora Skies installed, you may have noticed that there isn’t any action in the sky, and here’s why. Seasons has created some type of .ini file glitch, which prevents clouds from loading properly. The “Northern Lights” in Aurora Skies are visible every night, and are not a rare occurrence.
If you are not seeing clouds in your game, save and exit to the main menu and then reload the game again. After this you will see that your sky now has clouds again. Without the clouds, you cannot see the lights, therefore you will be waiting for lights that never appear.
This doesn’t happen each and every time you boot the game, but you may run into in the future, which is why I made a post. Now off to finish the Aurora Skies post! :)




Final University Fact Sheet Update & Guide Progress

University is right around the corner simmers! :mrgreen: I have just finished updating the fact sheet with information from the latest fansite/developer previews. This will be the final update I make to the fact sheet, as I have begun progress on the University Game Guide.
Our University Guide is once again the most anticipated guide, because as most of you know, there will not be a printed (or downloadable) Prima Guide. The Prima Guide will only be available as an “online only” $19.99 eGuide, which cannot even be printed, and requires constant internet access.
As a reminder, the SimsVIP University Guide will be free and available in PDF form for you to view on a tablet/smartphone, download & print. I have also scheduled some time off work to begin the guide immediately upon release with no interruption.
With that said, check out the University fact sheet to hold you over until your game arrives!

Edenstyle University Preview Part 8!


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Lazy Game Reviews Plays Aurora Skies


Video Link


EA Wants MORE of Your *Futuristic* Feedback!


SimGuruSnelson has posted yet another thread, asking for your feedback on a few more follow up questions. Head on over to the thread and share your thoughts! If you want to catch up on the previous thread, click here.




NRaas Mods Updated For Patch 1.50
Posted by Game Mods


For those of you who use NRaas mods, you will be glad to know that all of these mods are updated for patch 1.50. Please be sure to read the State of the Mod section as well.



Official Sims 3 Aurora Skies Festival Lot


For those of you who have purchased Aurora Skies and have Seasons installed, you can now download and install the official Sims 3 Aurora Skies Festival Lot.

AznSensei has kindly provided an in game screenshot of the lot in all seasons

Spring Summer Fall Winter


Edenstyle University Preview Part 7


For a complete list of fansite previews and screenshots, click here!


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