Island Paradise Loading Screen Tweet

SimGuruMeatball has recently posted the following tweet, sans pictures, about the loading screen for Island Paradise:

New Dragon Valley pic

SimGuruSmitty has decided to tease us with another pic from the upcoming Dragon Valley.

dragon valley bedroom


Sims 3 Store: “Refer a Friend” Retired
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Although it was originally set to end sometime in 2012, The Sims 3 Store “Refer a Friend” program was restored through 2013. According to the Google Cache of the page, it was set to expire July this year.

As of this moment, the “Refer a Friend” page redirects to the Store, which pretty much confirms that they have officially retired it for now. Perhaps we’ll see a reboot sometime in the future?




GameStop: 50% Off The Sims 3 Supernatural


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super game


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Sims 3 Store: March 2013 Compilation Now Available
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March 2013 Compilation (2,900 SP) – Get all of our March 2013 Store content in one great compilation which includes the Le Cinema Plumbob Venue and the Live, Laugh Love Set.

Thumbnail_688x336 (22)


The Sims 3 VIP April 2013 Newsletter


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April vip


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50 Free Simpoints (Daily) in the Sims 3 Store

Update: SimGuruZephyr has helpfully provided the following explanation for the quirkiness of this feature.

Special thanks to Steph

Sadly it is US only.

As for everyone not seeing it… Because the banner is controlled based on the availability of ad inventory, it won’t show up when the inventory is consumed. Which is why some people will see it and when others check later it may already be gone.

The amounts available are limited and I don’t know the numbers we have available so it’s good to check the site every morning to get a chance at it!

I’m not a morning person at all so I totally missed out on today’s worm… maybe tomorrow? :\


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Potential Easter Eggs in The Sims 3 Showtime


Both DOTsims and Sims.mixei.ru have found what may be easter eggs of expansion packs and stuff packs that were released after Showtime. All of these items are found via Simport.


The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats

easter egg 1 easter egg 2

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″The Sims 4″ Pre-Production UI Design Screens
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Since the release of The Sims 3, rumors of The Sims 4 have been few, but definitely in the air. Now that we are about 4 years into the Sims 3 series, it isn’t all that unreasonable for The Sims Studio to already be deep into the creation of The Sims 4, assuming it does head into production.
Back in August of 2012, I received an anonymous email with a link to EA UI Designer Patrick Kelly’s public website. On his website, a project named “The Sims 4 (Olympus)” was listed.

Sims 4 (14)

To give you a bit of background, Patrick Kelly has worked on projects such as The Sims 3 (PC), Spore (PC), SimAnimals (Wii), The Sims 3 (DS), and more. The “on-the-record” work and experience for Patrick Kelly, is only further confirmation that everything listed at his website was legit.
Notice anything about the “Plumbobs” shown in the photo above? It is not your typical glossy/shiny Sims 3 Plumbob. Here’s a closer look at them in a “Mock up” Loading Screen.

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Pre Order Island Paradise @ EBGames Australia


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