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Games Radar: New Supernatural Screens & Info!


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There are two very different Fortune Teller career paths

Fortune Teller is a new career in the Sims 3 Supernatural, but just as is the case with some of the game’s other career paths there’s more than one way to play. Since it is a supernatural expansion, you’ll have the option of turning your Sim into a mystic Fortune Teller with the power to see into the future for realsies, just in case you want to take things super seriously. If you’d rather play a more… realistic version of the profession, you can do that too, swindling people out of their money and scamming the world into believing your crystal ball is more than smoke and mirrors.


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Sims 3 FAQ: Mistaken SimPoint Reclaiming

For those of you who experienced the – awesome! – glitch of free simpoints a week or so back, the issue has been corrected and simpoints are yours to keep. I was one of the un-lucky ones, so it is a relief to know we will not be penalized. See the post from SimGuruPopTart.


SP Mistake


New Sims 3 Store Set Preview (?)


The Sims 3 News Page has posted a New Set update! The set is no where to be found at this time, but my guess is that they posted this news prematurely! I’ll keep you updated if any links are found.

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It’s hard enough getting up the courage to ask a Sim out on a date, let alone finding something to wear!
Date Night
Take the pressure off with the all-new Date Night Set! These clothes are so stylish, all you have to do is say “Hello” and you’ll have that special someone eating out of the palm of your hand!
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Game UK: Sims 3 Pets Prima Guide for £1.99 has listed The Sims 3 Pets Prima Guide for only £1.99! If you don’t already own it, hurry and snatch it up soon!

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Lucky Palms Uninstall Crash (Update)


On July 13th, SimGuruSarah mentioned that there was an issue with the launcher when uninstalling Lucky Palms. Today, she has updated the post with some new information.


Lucky Palms Update


SimGuruMegan Shares Even More Supernatural Info!


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  • Yes, if you get turned into a fairy, your wings will be randomly chosen. However, there is an LHR that will help you to change your wings if you don’t like them!
  • You can’t see inside the fairy houses, but I certainly wouldn’t call them “simple” objects! You can do so many things in them; they are very all-purpose objects!
  • Vampires can drink Fairy blood
  • No, no vampire fairies. You’ll be either a vampire or a fairy
  • Bonehilda is a moving (won’t say living or breathing!) being.
  • Yes! There are ways for vampires to be immune to the negative effects of sunlight both temporarily and permanently!
  • There isn’t a strong good vs. evil theme in Supernatural. Many of the supernatural Sims have some good actions and some evil actions, but players can choose to do only good actions, only evil actions, or a mixture of both. You can tell whatever kind of story you want.
  • Witch dueling will not result in any new deaths
  • Witches can’t turn people into gold. That’s actually an Alchemy elixir. And they won’t be gold permanently; it’s just a temporary thing.
  • There is a possibility Zombies may attack your home during a full moon
  • You’ll be able to pick any skin tone you want, and we’ve added a bunch of new skin tone sliders in Supernatural!



Fan Sites To Reveal All About Supernatural Tomorrow


Hey everyone, Penelope here! As you all remember, Fansites attended Supernatural events all around Europe. Tomorrow is the day their Embargo lifts (for the majority of content), so we will have a crazy amount of previews to post! Witches and Vampires will be revealed on August 13th, so there will be a whole other day for that madness. ;)

Since there will be so many different previews from around the world, I will set up a *sticky* post (probably this one), which will include a complete list of links to Supernatural Previews. Just a reminder to everyone to make sure and be here tomorrow starting 7:00 am Central Time!