Origin Client: What’s Coming To Origin 9.0


Origin 9.0 is nearly here! In the coming days, we’ll be rolling out a landmark update to millions of Origin users worldwide, beginning with players who have opted in to beta updates and going live for everyone else soon thereafter. Click here to opt into Beta 9.0.

Your suggestions and feedback over the past few months have driven many of the changes you’ll see in Origin 9.0. We’ve added a clock to Origin In-Game, increased your control over your My Games library, and made our menus more navigable. And today, we’re very excited to share a first look at what’s coming.

Let’s start with the Origin friends list.

Unlike in previous versions of Origin, where your friends list was fused to the main client window, the list in 9.0 is free-floating and mobile, making it easier to chat both in-game and out:




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The Sims Newsletter: Sims 3 Diesel Promotion


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Diesel Promo


Chocolate Fountain Available Individually In Game (?)
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I received an email from our reader Fran that the Chocolate Fountain appeared in game to purchase individually. I am unable to confirm this myself or with the help of several other players, but it may be a hit or miss in certain games. Just in case anyone wants to purchase it, check your games to see if it appears for you.

Fran was able to capture a screenshot of her purchase history to show that she was indeed able to purchase it individually. If it’s not appearing for anyone else, it may have to do with the new “in game featured items” and their limited availability. Not sure.




EA’s New (Beta) Help Center
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EA has launched a new Help Center called “Answer HQ“. To join, simply log in with your Origin account. It is currently in beta, but has some neat features that are not used on other EA forums. 

Crinrictwho is also at the help center – has set up a post explaining how this new site works. Head on over to check it out.

Answer HQ 

Answer HQ


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New Limited Time Sims 3 Game Achievement (7/28/12)


From today until August 12th, you have a chance to complete a “Limited Time” game achievement. For a complete list of game achievements (current and upcoming) click here.

Achievement: Spring Training

DescriptionIs your Sim fit enough to run a marathon? Your muscles may be saying no, but your willpower says YES. Remember to hydrate and stretch!

Type: Gold

Expires: August 12th



Sims Fashionista Magazine – Issue 16
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Platinum Simmers: Ask Your Burning Questions!


As we mentioned earlier, Platinum Simmers is one of the lucky fansites heading out to California to meet the Guru’s that make our favorite game! While they are there, they will be sitting down with the developers for some one on one time. Do you have any questions you want answered? Dont be scared, click here!


However what you CAN ask me is questions for the developers, I will ask as many as I can. I am not the most subtle person when it comes to questions so seriously ask me anything for them (keep a pegi rating).
The event is in August so please get all your questions to me before midnight on July 29th. You can ask me on twitter: @swwSims email: or in a comment here.
For every good question you will be entered into a random drawing once, if you give me 20 good questions you will be entered 20 times! A good question is something that’s well thought out, detailed, and hasn’t been asked 100 times before. Also it has to be something that I stand a good chance of getting an answer to – eg. we are extremely unlikely to be able to find out anything about unannounced expansion packs, stuff packs, and store items!
It is also first come first serve, the first person that asks a good question gets the entry, if you submit a duplicate question – sorry out of luck, so be unique!
There will be one random winner from all the entries and they get a premium store item or items that you can pick that equal 500 simpoints.





Pre Order The Sims 3 Supernatural at Walmart


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SimGuruMegan Reveals More Supernatural Info


Once again SimGuruMegan shares some bits of info via Twitter.


  • No, you can’t make mummies or SimBots in CAS. :( We tried, but it caused a lot of problems.
  • The fortune teller goes to the traveller’s caravan to work. He can also tell Sim’s fortunes around town.
  • There will be some zombies that spawn during a full moon. If you want more, though, you can always make them with elixirs!
  • That’s a new makeup option that you can choose for your Sims. It’s meant to look like veins.
  • All children will go to the same school. The witch children are just trying to fit in!
  •  Yes, if you have Showtime and Supernatural, you’ll be able to create genies directly from CAS!
  • You can create vampires in Supernatural no matter what. No need to have Late Night.
  • The fortune teller will go to the Traveler’s Caravan lot to do most of their job.
  • Yes, the Traveller’s Caravan is a rabbithole.  It’s more like the medical career. It’s not a career like in Ambitions.
  • You can set the moon to always be one phases (i.e. waxing gibbous or new moon) and then you’ll never have a full moon
  • No live venues by default in MF, but if you place stage+proprietor in the werewolf bars, they’ll act as live venues!
  • Supernatural TODDLERS (not babies – corrected here) will look like their parents. Fairy babies will have wings. Werewolf babies will have eyes that glow


Official EA/Sims Hints @ Seasons


The official Sims 3 Dutch & German Facebook Pages have tossed out some (possible) hints at Seasons. On July 20th, the Sims 3 Dutch page posted a photo with the caption: “After the Rain…”, and today the Sims 3 German page created a poll asking users: “Many of you want a weather add-on. What season your Sims like the most?”.


These could very well be nothing at all, but there is a bit more to this mystery. A few days ago, Fansites from around the world revealed they were invited to an exclusive community event at EA’s California Studio in mid August. The last time EA invited worldwide fans to their HQ’s, was for World Adventures. Seeing as the event will take place so close to Supernatural’s release, speculation has started as to what exactly fans will go home with. Could a Seasons announcement be on the horizon? (After all, we will basically know all there is to know about Supernatural by then.)

With 4 months left, there isn’t a whole lot of time to advertise Seasons after Supernatural’s release. There is no telling what awaits, but you can check out Platinum Simmers for info on this event. They are also taking questions, so make sure to submit your questions by tomorrow! SimsVIP was not invited to the event, but we will keep you updated as the information rolls through.