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Seasons Patch 1.42 – New Features & Options


The latest Sims 3 Patch 1.42 brings new game options, interactions & features. Below is a compiled list of these new features, and if there are any I have missed, please let me know in the comments!



Create A Sim


The first noticeable feature in CAS is the brand new Clothing Filters. Once CAS fully loads, click the filter on the upper right side to select only the clothing from specific custom, stuff pack, expansion pack, store, or base game content.


CAS Clothing Filter


When creating Sims, you now have the option to choose a “Bald Hairstyle” and “No Eyebrows“.


Bald-No eyebrows


The next change in Create a Sim comes in the form of Facial Sliders. Three brand new sliders are introduced to the game: Alien Eyes Modifier, Alien Ears & Alien Eyes.


Alien Sliders

The next change in create a Sim comes in the form of a spooky being! Freezing to Death has been added to the Create a Sim ghost colors & tombstones.
Freezing To Death

The final change to CAS is a brand new skin tone named “Alien Skin Tone“. Thanks Tom and Annabelle!
new skin tone

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Origin: Order Seasons, Get 40% Off Supernatural!


Starting today, Origin is holding a Halloween Super Sale! For a limited time, buy one get one on select titles, and  scoop up The Sims 3 Supernatural at 40% off when pre ordering The Sims 3 Seasons!  Sale ends 11/5/12, North America Only, Digital Download Only.


European & UK  Simmers: There is a special deal for you guys, including 50% off Supernatural. Click here for more details!


40% BOGO


Sims 3 Game Update 1.42 (10/29/12)


:!: Remember to Remove Custom Content and MODS before updating. Check with your modding community for updates post patch.


This game update includes the following changes:


Base Game Updates

  • Greeting Cards feature has been added.  Sims can take a picture using the Greeting Card feature and share it on, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Attraction System has been added. This is a new initial romantic system that provides bonuses to socialization and romance when the Sim is attracted by certain attributes.
  • Sims can now swim in the ocean.
  • Diving Board object has been added to Build Mode.
  • Blueprint tool has been added to Buy/Build Mode. User’s may quickly place down furnished rooms with this tool.
  • Resolved Player Profile and Wall issue where clicking on a user’s name brought up a blank profile.
  • Badges earned by completing achievements will now appear on your MyPage on
  • The moon’s glow on the UI will no longer appear when starting a new game without The Sims 3 Supernatural installed.

World Adventures Updates

  • Fixed an issue where fish placed in the Sims inventory will no longer disappear when Sims travel back from a vacation world.
  • Fixed an issue where sound was getting dropped out when Sims are learning a song.

Pets Updates

  • Fixed a galloping animation issue with Horses that has level 10 Racing skill.


Showtime Updates

  • Sims must now have some positive relationship before asking other Sims to take photos in the “Gigi Photo Booth”.

Supernatural Updates

  • Saving and loading during a full moon cycle before 6pm will no longer cause the moon cycle to skip forward.
  • Feral Change buff will now expire for werewolf on various lunar cycle settings.
  • Addressed an animation issue in the Smustle dance.
  • Toadified Sims will route fail less often when trying to eat flies on counters or large tables.
  • Writing fiction book will display proper text.
  • Fairy children will no longer stretch into adult size when using the “Talk to Plant” interaction.
  • Fixed an issue where Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan wish is not fulfilled when Sims Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan.
  • Improved routing issues with the Fairy House.
  • Sending an elixir from the household inventory to a friend now fulfills the “Send an Elixir to a Friend” wish.
  • The “Gift of Giving” buff and Lifetime Happiness Points are now given when gifting an elixir from the household inventory.
  • When gifting an elixir from the household inventory only one elixir is sent instead of two.
  • Wall post will be created when a user opens a mystery gift containing Simoleons.
  • Create-A-Sim UI flow fixed so that the use can no longer access other Create-A-Sim menus while eye color picker is still open.
  • Fairy Bloom interaction will now work with the Omni Plant from The Sims 3 base game.
  • Sims that were turned into SimBots via an elixir will no longer revert back to human form after WooHoo in the Gypsy Caravan.
  • Fixed issues with Supernatural children genetics.
  • “Sweeten Up” interaction can now be completed on Birthday Inferno Cake.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting werewolf to transform while being struck by a witch’s fire blast.
  • Fixed flickering issue on objects after performing the “Midas Touch” interaction.
  • “Midas Touch” interaction will now be able to turn a zombie into a statue.
  • Fixed an issue with conversion spells turning inexpensive items into expensive items.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to buy a SimBot with Lifetime Happiness Points.
  • Turning off the “Spectrum Mood Lamp” will now properly return Sims to their original color.


Store Updates

  • Fixed a potential crash with the launcher that could occur after uninstalling Lucky Palms.
  • Fixed an issue where Store Set icons would appear incorrectly in the Organize Collections pop-up window.
  • Worlds can now be purchased on the Main Menu.

Super Patch (All Regions) ~ Download (1.1 GB)
Incremental Manual Patching below should only be applied from patch 1.39
Region 1 (USA) – Download (216 MB)
Region 2 (Europe, Australia & rest of the world) – Download (216 MB)
Region 3 (Asia) – Download (216 MB)
Region 5 (Japan) – Download (216 MB)
Region 17 (Digital Game Version) – Download (216 MB)


Sims Social – Sunday Freebies
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Fraizesaux Sims: Seasons Autumn Preview


The fog obscures 10 steps, it rains, the leaves turn red before deserting the trees … No doubt, fall is here. No, Ms. Mapple, it does not necessarily mean cocooning in your flannelette seductive romper!






Sims 3 Seasons Registration Reward


When registering the Sims 3 Seasons, players will get a Seasons Wall Decal Pack. No photo is available at the moment, but thanks to Rincon del Simmer, the source code/cache of the site gives us details of the content.


Congratulations! You have successfully registered your The Sims 3 Seasons game. Download your FREE* Seasons Wall Decal Pack now! Now your Sims can proudly liven up your blank walls and decorate with your favorite seasonal theme.

seasons regist



Sims Artists: Seasons Fan Day


You know at Sims Artists we like to share our experiences (even if it means writing an article twice …) so that said fan day said article to tell you this special day! It is also a good opportunity to discover the heads of the Sims community members who are not as nicknames but real people (I swear).

Seasons Fan

should be noted that this article is the first in a series, renews formula of the last day with a fan cut in several articles. I warn you I’m alone in office all this time then write a little patience on your part because I have tons of photos to sort.While en route to 26 October 2012!





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Urbania Sims: Spring Festivities & Soccer (Videos)


Video Link #1Video Link #2


Fraizesaux Sims: Seasons Online Dating


Click Below!

Online Dating