Sims 3 Store: The Alfresco Street Market Venue
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SimGuruTaterTot shared an image of the venue lot that is releasing this Thursday. The Alfresco Street Market Venue will provide produce carts that allow Sims to buy and  sell produce.

Thanks Amy, Will & jdeastkntckysims!

Hi there!
I’m on fire with these blogs! I can’t wait until we release the Sims 3 Monte Vista on Thursday. Expect it to show up on the Sims 3 Store sometime around 10am Pacific (could be earlier, could be slightly later — you know how technology goes).
As a reminder, the Sims 3 Monte Vista will NOT be available for simpoints. It will be in a bundle, similar to how Barnacle Bay is set up. We’ll be offering a $20 bundle for those of you who just want a world + 100 simpoints, and then a $35 simpoint bundle with will contain Monte Vista + 1900 simpoints. The $35 simpoint bundle is especially great if you want to purchase a venue to go along with the world.
Speaking of venues, as SimGuruSmitty had teased last week during the Monte Vista Broadcast, we’re releasing a venue at the same time we’re releasing Monte Vista. Introducing…the Al Fresco Street Market!



I’ll let you all pick over the image and guess what type of content we’re releasing with this venue :)
As a general note — this venue will be available for purchase with simpoints.
Unless you have the simpoints ready to go, I highly suggest that if you’re going to get this venue and Monte Vista, it’s going to be much easier to grab the $35 bundle than to purchase two separate simpoint bundles.


Monte Vista To Have Pre Made Festival Lot


SimGuruGraham has been talked into creating a special Seasonal Festival Lot for Monte Vista, and you have SimGuruSarah to thank for that! :)


SimGuruCopeland On This Week’s New Set
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SimGuruCopeland revealed a few details on this week’s upcoming premium content. No clues on what will be released, but we do know there are two new items that have never been done in the store before.


Two pieces of premium content. However, there are two other items that are coming out in the set that the store has never done before, and I’m really excited about them.
You might remember one of these items from Sims 2…

Btw, I sent over my blog this morning, but I have no control over when they post it. I promise to keep giving hints until they do, because I’m THAT excited about it.



SimGuruGraham Savors Each Season



It’s that time of year again, the time when our thoughts turn not only to giving thanks but to pondering “What should I eat next?” Yes, whether you’re sidling up to a buffet at a party or sitting down for a formal holiday meal, food is topmost on our minds at this time of year. We asked Graham Nardone, our feature producer for The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack, about his favorite foods and seasonal food stories. The results were enough to whet anyone’s appetite!


Let Them Eat Pie! - When I was a kid, my family adopted two big greyhounds as pets. While most of my stories with them involve them getting off their leashes and us trying to catch them (good luck!), there is one particular memory I have with them involving food. Now, my family was never particularly big on the idea of cooking a large meal come Thanksgiving – more often than not we’d head out to a restaurant and enjoy the food with none of the work. One year in particular though, my mom wanted to give cooking ‘the big’ Thanksgiving dinner a try and, as anyone who has been involved with preparing one knows, it’s a full day ordeal. Finally dinner was served and we were just digging in to all of the food piled high on the table when we heard a commotion in the kitchen. Our two greyhounds had put their paws up on the counter and were devouring our pumpkin pie dessert! Thankfully the best part of Thanksgiving is there’s never any shortage of food, so even without a pie nobody left the table hungry that year… even the pets! It made me smile when we released The Sims 3 Pets and you could put plates of food down outside for wildlife to eat. I’ll have to set a slice of pumpkin pie out sometime and see how they like it!
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - I have to confess, I love drinking eggnog when December rolls around each year. I would never spike it with “juice” either; give me that delicious eggnog goodness straight up! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and if the same thing can be applied to food, then eggnog is what I crave those other 11 months. My household had a very strict rule while growing up with a hard limit of one carton of eggnog per year. It really made me savor every moment when the holidays rolled around. Thankfully my Sims can indulge all they want with a quick trip to the winter festival, mmm yum!
Would You Like Fries With That? - One of my favorite additions to the game are all the different types of French fries. When we were in the concept states of The Sims 3 Seasons, someone suggested adding garlic fries to the festivals and it suddenly struck us – we’d never introduced regular French fries for Sims to nosh in the first place! From there we went a little crazy with seasonal variations: normal fries, garlic fries, chili cheese fries, even the recent tasty trend of sweet potato fries made it in. They’re just the type of food you can’t skip when going to a county festival, and now your Sims will enjoy chowing down on them as well.


Target Sale: All Sims 3 Expansion Packs $19.99


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Sims 3 Store: Updated Sales Page


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Sims 3 University Life: Reconstructed Logo


With the recently released EA event photo, Spanish fansite Sims-Soul has “re-created” what they believe will be The University Life logo.


the sims 3 university life


Invision Community Reviews The Sims 3 Seasons


Winter is here, and what could be more appropriate for those long cold nights indoors than a new Sims 3 expansion? But Invision, I hear you say, didn’t EA pretty much just bring out a new expansion? And didn’t you lay into it like a hammer lays into soft, yielding butter? Yes, dear reader, they did, and it was terrible, so what we’re looking at here is hopefully some sort of vindication for the sorry mess Supernatural made of your neighborhood.


The mark of a good expansion, by any game’s standards, is that it slots neatly into the main game itself and feels like it should have been there all along. This is something a lot of big developers have latched onto in the past few years and abused slightly in terms of day-one DLC, but I digress. Seasons feels like it should have been a day one feature, the idea and execution is so simplistic yet effective that it seems it should have been a fairly obvious feature. Regardless, it’s here now for your delectation, and if you fancy the sound of your Sims sizzling in summer sun or tramping through piles of autumnal leaves, read on.




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GX Reviews The Sims 3 Seasons


Right from the start, every expansion of The Sims 3 have enjoyed constant weather. This includes blue skies, green grass and unchanging temperatures. The Seasons expansion will now introduce the four seaons, weather effects and new ways of life for all the Sim inhabitants to enjoy.


Unfortunately, there will be no new town or world to move your Sims into, but you are given the option of purchasing new towns right from the menu if you are bored of what is available. Other than new towns, the game allows you to purchase add-on content within the game itself. For those who are hoarders, this might be your dream come true, but to some like me, it is frustrating to be asked to spend money each time I start the game.





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Technology Guide Reviews The Sims 3 Seasons


EA has released The Sims 3 Seasons, the eighth expansion pack for The Sims 3 franchise, which launched in 2009. One of the greatest aspects of playing The Sims, from the first Sims to The Sims 3, is that the game is really what you make of it. There are so many variables that affect gameplay, which increase with each expansion pack. It starts with the player, they create a traditional Sim working a 9-5 at the local bookstore, or one whose ambition is to become a rock star, or a criminal, or a politician, or an athlete, or a world-renowned surgeon, and much more.



Between the mix of personality traits available for a Sim, life goals, jobs, careers, age, the random generated NPC characters, and the personality of the player; most anything is possible. That being said, each expansion pack introduces subtle nuances to the game, in addition to new character traits and objects, and The Sims 3 Seasons is no exception. The additions are clever and often revealed only with exhaustive gameplay or time, as evident by the ever-evolving wikis and walkthroughs, which grow slowly as new features are discovered.





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