A Reminder to Save and Backup your Store content!

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Over on the official forums, a few people have noticed that the Hot Tub from the Future Shock Living set, has been removed.  It is no longer listed on the “items included” for the set.



Now, this could be just a small site glitch, or something a bit more sneaky like EA removing the Hot tub to force everyone to purchase Late Night or OutDoor Living in order to fulfill the forced “wish for hot tub” they added into the Base Game via a patch.



Either way, this is a just a reminder to everyone that should ALWAYS save and backup up your store content for various reasons.  When you use the Sims 3 Store you agree that they may remove any online services or products at anytime WITHOUT notice.  They did the same with Barnacle Bay and this may be yet another move by EA to profit off a hot tub.


Hopefully this is temporary for those who may not see it in the store, but for future reference and help on saving and backing up your store content.. Please see the new section posted here on the site for help with saving store content.  This way, you will never lose your paid content.


Saving & Backing up Store Content