Sims 3 Website in The News For Pornography

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Well, as I am sure many of you are aware, the Sims 3 website has not been the safest of places for Children of late (despite the enforced rules). Since last year there have been a number of accounts created, but not to be part of the community. Instead they are used for everything from Trolling, to harassment, and even for pornographic use. None of which EA seems to have any “control” over. This is not just an issue with the exchange, this has been an ongoing issue within their forums as well, for a long time.

Enough is enough for a Maryland Mom, who went to her local news and reported the obscenity on The Sims 3 website. Fox 5 has reported the story, you can watch the video below. As expected, there is no comment from EA. This definitely is not a good thing for EA, especially with a new Sims game coming up. Now that this issue has hit the News, I am sure many parents will think twice before letting their child play The Sims, let alone be on the website. Tsk, Tsk EA.