5/31/11 Patch/Update – Now available via Game Launcher

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For those who already installed and need the latest 1.22 patch, it is now available in the Game launcher. If you do not see it pop automatically, click the refresh button and it will appear for updating.

Important: Before you update remove any and all CC and Mods from the game.  Leaving them in will cause installation issues and can make the game unplayable.

Before Patching: If you already have, or are planning on getting Generations, it is recommended to install the game BEFORE updating to patch 1.22.  Generations comes complete with patch 1.21 and the patch released via EA is patch 1.22.  It is not recommended to skip a patch, especially for those who update automatically.


When installing the game, be sure to wait and make sure all updates are complete. There are several updates in this process for the EADM & The game launcher.


Before installing the game and any patches, it is a good idea to clear out the game cache’s. This keeps the game clean, and clears out any “clutter”.  Go into the game file and delete the following files. (some may not have all 6, but all will have the last 4)


For a complete list of “fixes” 🙄 in the patch see here.  For help and additional info on patching see Crinrict’s help blog.

If anyone is experiencing glitches, crashes or issues of any kind, see Crinrict’s thread in forums. I will try to help you to the best of my ability, if you need any more help.


If you need any help with Saving and Backing up your store content (in case of a re-install) see this helpful guide. It will eliminate re-downloading from the store.


This will be the final update you will see before the process is complete.