Mod The Sims – No (or fewer) Automatic Memories Mod

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For those of you who are not aware yet (most are), the automatic memories system created by EA was not the best idea, especially without a TURN OFF button.  The game generates memories throughout the entire game, even for NPC’s, for some of the most ridiculous of actions.  Picked up the baby? Threw up? Late for Work? Sat Down? 🙄 These useless and annoying memories are beginning to bloat game files resulting in crashes, freezing and more file space being used up.

Well leave it to the community to come up with the solution.  Mod The Sims member VelocityGrass has created the “No (or fewer) automatic memories” mod.  Thank you VelocityGrass! ♥

This download contains 4 individual mods for you to choose.  From disabling memories all together, and even a tool to create your own custom memories from the game.  I highly suggest everyone download the no more memories mod as it stops the over-inflation of the game’s file sizes.