Retailers Selling Sims 3 Pets (PC) Limited Edition w/Pre-Order

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With many retailers not stocking the Limited Edition in other countries, I thought it would be a great idea to make a list for those of you that need to know which retailers are offering Limited Editions of the game.  Please note this is a list in progress, so more retailers will be added as we approach the release date.


* Please feel free to give me any links to retailers that I may have missed!  You may also request that I add your country if it is not listed and please provide links to retailers in your country.  I will also need to know whether or not the game site link is for digital, physical or both.  Thanks


♦ Note that retailers offering the Limited Edition as online pre-order, will also have the Limited Edition available in their store on the day of release in your country/city/state.


♦ These listing are ONLY for Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition for PC (not console)



EA /Origin Store – Digital & Physical – Physical – Physical – Physical



EA/Origin Store – Digital – Physical



EA/Origin Store – Digital & Physical

EB Games – Physical

GAME Australia – Physical



EA/Origin Store – Digital & Physical




EA/Origin Store – Digital

 ♦ – Physical  – Must call to reserve your copy of LE… 801 114 0000




EA/Origin Store – Digital




EA/Origin Store – Digital – Physical

Time to Play – Physical

1C Interes – Digital

DirectCOD – Digital




EA/Origin Store – Digital

GameStop Spain – Physical

ExtraLife – Physical

ojgames – Physical

Fnac – Physical