Could we also see Werewolves in Pets?



The Creature for Pets has yet to be confirmed, but the possibility of Unicorns exists within the leaked patch file.  Although it would not be a life state for a Sim, there may be a possibility of Werewolves in the game.  We will not know until they decide to release that info.

Checking my Trackback links tonight, I found a back link to the “Forums” on GameSpot, and noticed a comment left by a member regarding Werewolves.


Apparently at the e3 demo show they confirmed the werewolf saying this about it:

“There will be. You now would get a werewolf a diferent way you would have to go to the cemetary at night and go in a secret entrance in a cave and after u are out, buy the new dog bed called ”Ravons Curse”and sleep in it while a gray black dog comes.

You then have to be friends. When u r best friends there will be a thing to click that says ”offer to turn” and then u wait ti’ll night when u are a werewolf. the cure is get the irangu lizard’s dna to create the cure.”


Is it possible that this info was mentioned @E3?  If anyone has any interview or link that confirms this was said, please pass it on to me! 🙂