EA Russia Speaks about The Sims 3 Expansion #6

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The EA Russian Community is always answering questions for their fans.  Today it was said by EA Russia that the next expansion pack “would be about life, but in a another format”.

Special thanks to SimsSecrets for helping translate!



Question by WolfMega: What is the theme of the 6th EP of the Sims 3??? If it life again, so it will be like Generations 2.0??? Not everybody likes Generations and it’s rather small expansion.

Answer by EA Russia: There are a lot of new interactions in the Generations, just explore it. The next EP is about life, but in another format.  It is not similar to any Expansion pack in The Sims 2.  The logo contains a black background & light Letters.

Somebody: Look, there are 3 carousels for kids in Generations: 1st – pirate ship (hint for Pirates & Nobles), 2nd – horse (hint for Pets) and the 3rd – space rocket. Is it a hint for space EP?

EA Russia: No, but we like your imagination



I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hear Life in another form…I think Aliens (Maybe even some magic?). 😛  Hopefully it will not be a branch off of Generations, but we’ll just have to wait and see!