Pacimific Kiwi Reviews Hidden Springs!

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Expect loads of these coming in the next few days!  Hey, it helps to know a little bit of what you may or may not be buying!  Here is a review by Kiwi Tea from Pacimific Wiki.  A very in depth review, so check it out!


SpecsEdit Specs section

  • 128mb
  • 85 lots (Res 39, Com 46, 14 completely empty)
  • Pre-populated with 50 Sims (not counting service/homeless).
  • For: Base game
  • Price: A gazillion simoleons.

OverviewEdit Overview section

Hidden Springs is an interesting – if comically overpriced – world now available in The Sims 3 Store. Like previous store offerings, it is a mixed bag. In some ways, it’s very good. In other ways, it is drastically surpassed by what you can get for free from the CAW community. I’ll start with the good, because that’s a nice place to start:

Hidden Springs is an affluent alpine town, under a mountain and beside a lake. It features all the base game rabbit holes, including a beautiful new spa rabbit hole. It features a fountain of youth that can return Sims to the start of their age – ie. nothing new or special in terms of gameplay. In EA’s usual, careless way there are no skill bookshelves in the library, and only 2 cribs in all the houses across the town.