Sims 3 Pets Feature Info #3

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EA has sent out the final feature info for the Sims 3 Pets! Have a read on about Horses, Animal Behavior and more.

Thanks to Snooty for the info! 🙂


Look at which horses are for sale! Every horse has its own unique look and special traits. No suitable horse for you? Come again soon, cause they get new horses on a regular basis! The better the horse, the greater the fee. However, this may be good news for you… If you can present a top horse, you can earn quite some money by selling it.


So, now you have a horse, but you do not know exactly what to do with it. How about competing in matches? But first let’s take a horseriding class, to learn your riding skills. After a while, you will become much better and also the jumping and racing skills from your horse will be developed, which will make contests become available at the stables. These matches are a great way to see how the horse and rider are matched together. And you also may earn some money. Those who prefer to watch, can come see the matches with friends and family.



Caring for horses:

Horses are beautiful animals, but need a lot of care. Before the horse arrives, make sure that you have a stable, water and enough hay available. Your new pet may need some company. Make sure to spend enough time together and talk to him. Most horses love to run and jump. If you don’t properly care for your horse, the social worker will come and take it away. So take good care of your pet and build a good relation with him.



Horse riding:
The horseriding skill is important when Sims want to ride or train a horse. The goal is to reward horse lovers for their dedication to their horse pal. By developing the horse riding skill, your Sims can use new interactions.


There are a few different ways to train your horseriding skill. First, you can read skillbooks. These books are for sale at the bookshop. You can also learn to ride at the stables. Or just learn to ride horse by jumping on the back of the horse and taking a stroll through the city. You can also train your skill by choosing interactions like ‘jumptraining’ or ‘race training’.

By riding a horse, you can move around easily, but horses can’t come everywhere where Sims can go. Horses can’t walk a stairs, can’t use an elevator, or go through doors. When a Sim who’s riding a horse, gets directed to go to a location where the horse can’t come, the horse will go as close as it can and lets the Sims dismount so he can walk to it.

During the horseriding, Sims can do specific interactions that’s won’t require to dismount. Interactions with a horse icon in the interaction menu specify that Sims can do these interactions while sitting on the horse. For interactions without the horse icon, the rider will have to dismount.


Not all horses are prepared to listen to their owner. Horses with the trait ‘untrained’ first need to develop their relation with the Sim; They won’t allow a saddle or rider before they do. Sims can train their horse faster by riding the horse more often or saddle the horse.


Animal behaviour:
Pets can show behaviour that Sims like or don’t like. You can change this behaviour slowly by using force. If you praise your pet for certain behaviour, you can train them to stop doing that or learn them new behaviour. That way, you will learn your pet which behaviour is appropriate or not. If this behaviour is associated with the trait and is praised enough, it can learn that trait eventually.

Every action that can be praised, can also be punished. With a punishment, you can learn your pet that you don’t appreciate that behaviour. Eventually, your pet can lose certain bad behaviour completely.