Sims Nieuws – Another Pets Preview!

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Sims Nieuws has another Sims 3 Pets preview for ya!  Only a few more days! :mrgreen:

The neighborhood
The first thing I noticed was of course the new neighborhood, Appaloosa Plains. I found this very nice new neighborhood. It is unlike Bridgeport and other neighborhoods in The Sims 3 will have a very rural village, and no city.

The standard houses that are already in this neighborhood are very well made. I’m normally not a fan of the houses that are ready and made by EA, but in this case it does. You can really see that she was quite done their best at this time. And of course, most homes already equipped with the necessary supplies for keeping (domestic) animals, so the big houses have often been a pasture for the horse.



For those who do not like to own a family to create in the Create A Sim, there are also ready-made families who already live in the area. They were withdrawn in the beautiful homes that already are and will already have one or more pets. Some of these families include children and others to enjoy their home skin them their well deserved retirement. So nice and easy for everyone.

Appaloosa1 Appaloosa