The Rayne Legacy – Into each life, a little Rayne must fall

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Calling all readers! Ready to read a legacy written by a nerdy, sarcastic and crazy Simmer? Yes? Awesome! Time to take a look at The Rayne Legacy by Rainwife!  

Learn all about Rainwife here, and then head on over to her legacy blog and check out her stories! 🙂


Clarity sat a top the old slide in the backyard, slowly seething with anger.  An old friend of hers from grade school had decided that they were no longer friends.  After all, they had not spoken once since the girls aged up, and Clarity had felt no urge to contact this girl, could barely remember her face if the truth was told.  Still, she was furious.

“Who does that witch think she is? Blowing me off like this?”  Clarity mumbled into the silent night. As far as she was concerned, if you were not with Clarity, you were against her.  As the sun slowly rose over the sleepy valley, Clarity formulated a horrible plan.