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Player Creations (Stories/Legacies)

New Sims 3 Challenge – Castaway by Katie’s Haven

  Ready for a new Challenge? Take on the newest Castaway Challenge by Katie's Haven!   You are lost at sea, after days of floating, you wash...

Sims 3 Challenges: Nickel and Dimed, Orphanage & More

  Love Challenges? Well how about if a fellow simmer put together the latest ones together in one place? Awesome! Glitzyangel has put together some...

Legacy: Rainbow Baby Stories

  Love you some Rainbowcy? Well you're in luck! Head on over to Rainbow Baby Stories to check out some Rainbow Babies! :) If you want...

Legacy: Everwhite Sims – A new post every weekend!

  Ever wanted to keep tabs on an awesome legacy with a schedule? Well head on over to Everwhite Sims, where there is a new...

The Rayne Legacy – Into each life, a little Rayne must fall

  Calling all readers! Ready to read a legacy written by a nerdy, sarcastic and crazy Simmer? Yes? Awesome! Time to take a look at...