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Legacy: Everwhite Sims – A new post every weekend!

  Ever wanted to keep tabs on an awesome legacy with a schedule? Well head on over to Everwhite Sims, where there is a new...

The Baudelaire Legacy: To Generation 20 and Beyond!

  Time to feature another Legacy Blog, and this time it is The Baudelaire Legacy! Generation after Generation, read all about the Baudelaire Family! Make sure...

“Every Expansion Pack” Challenge by Platinum Simmers

Not sure you want to finish building that home or playing that legacy? Why not take a break and try out Platinum Simmers' Every...

Sims 3 Challenges: Nickel and Dimed, Orphanage & More

  Love Challenges? Well how about if a fellow simmer put together the latest ones together in one place? Awesome! Glitzyangel has put together some...

The Rayne Legacy – Into each life, a little Rayne must fall

  Calling all readers! Ready to read a legacy written by a nerdy, sarcastic and crazy Simmer? Yes? Awesome! Time to take a look at...
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