“Every Expansion Pack” Challenge by Platinum Simmers

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Not sure you want to finish building that home or playing that legacy? Why not take a break and try out Platinum Simmers’ Every Expansion Pack Challenge?! Create a Sim and get to it!


The purpose of this challenge is to use the features from every expansion pack you own, in 1 single Sim. You are not allowed to cheat and have aging off, but you can have a long lifetime. Another twist is that the challenge starts with a baby! You cannot CAS him/her, but has to be born in the game. Two reasons for this, first is to give you the chance to get an imaginary friend and second that you not always have influence on the Sim’s traits, keeping it a challenging challenge.
You have to do, at least, one challenge from the base game and every expansion pack you own. You can of course do more if you like.
Quick summary on how to start
* Decide which goals you want to attempt. You can choose as many or as few as you like, and you can always change your mind later, but remember that by the end of the Sim’s lifetime you should have done at least 1 base game goal and at least 1 goal for each expansion pack you own.


* Make or pick a family in the game, have them get a child you want to play the challenge with. Either grow him/her up well and pick the traits yourself or let the game pick for you. (You do not have to use the first child, can also decide to use the 2nd child if you do not like the look of the first one). If you pick the traits yourself, use traits from different expansion packs!

* As soon as your Sim is an adult have him/her move out to accomplish the challenges on their own and without the parents perks.

* Finish all the challenges
This challenge is currently in beta, we need feedback! The things we need feedback on:

* Which challenges you think are (too) difficult and (too) easy.

* How many points each challenge should earn, more difficult challenges earning more of course.

* We want many more challenge options for each expansion pack.

* Lifetime length, we have found that the suggested lifetime is too long.

* We would also like suggestions for simoleon amounts that we have not filled in yet (like sell a certain simoleons worth of ghosts)